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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sewing for Elaina! A frakenpatterning of Simplicity 8304 and 2264.

This project is the first time I have 'frankenpatterned' something and know what, it was fun!  

You can see in the above photo which two patterns I morphed.  Maybe it wasn't that big of a stretch to put these two together but I did it anyway!

One thing I find a bit odd about some of the infant patterns is that the buttons or zippers on located on the child's back.  With the back to sleep campaign that has been going on for years, who wants to lay their child down on a back full of buttons or a zipper?  Not me!  So the photo above is the 'new' back.  I redrew the back and front neckline so this would button up the front.

I also attached panties to the waist area of the dress.  If you've held a wiggly little one, their dresses or shirts can creep up and no one wants that so I attached the panties from the pattern on the left to the dress on the right.

Elaina isn't quite big enough for this but I made it anyway out of this beautiful Stof cotton fabric.  This just sewed like a dream!  I can't wait to see her in it!  I just wish she didn't live so far from grandma!

I plan on sharing more infant and toddler creations I've made this summer for the grandkiddos.  They are so much fun to sew for!

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Sue :)


  1. I think buttons are in the back to reduce the risk of baby pulling them off and swallowing, or getting fingers caught in openings. Not sure...

  2. This is really sweet! Love the print. And what s wonderful way to shower her and her whole family with your love...

  3. So sweet! I am sure your granddaughter will look adorable in it.

  4. Adorable! Love your idea for the sewn in panties, and putting the buttons on the front. Great job!