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Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Very Easy Vogue jacket 9247

I'm back with something I thought about trying for a long time--a jacket with lace!

This pattern is Vogue 9247.  I purchased this for option D but after I received my lace and noticed the flaw in it, I knew I only had enough to make view C.  I am not disappointed with the result at all but dang, it would have been nice if the company I purchased it from cut after the flaw.  
This went together really well and is a fast make.  

The black is a knit that has a feel and look of a suede. It's been in my stash for quite a while and I thought it would be perfect for this and I think it was!   

This is a generously sized pattern.  I made a medium and found I didn't need an FBA--probably due to the knit. 

I made a sloping shoulder adjustment and swayback adjustment.  That's it!

The black lace with the blue is from Zeng's.  This is my first purchase from them.

There aren't any closures on this.  

My lace didn't have a finished upper edge.  I tried to dye some ivory cotton lace jet black, but it turned out a dark gray--not appropriate at all.  I followed those directions to a T.  So disappointing!  

Isn't that lace fun?  

I found this black trim at JoAnns.  It is washable, just like the black fabric and the lace.  It sewed easily and I think it works with the overall vibe of the rest of the jacket.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Plaid tunic love

Simplicity Pattern 8340 Misses' Shirts with Length & Sleeve Variations, Inspired by Project Runway

I love this pattern.  This is the 2nd time I've used it.  The first was on a denim top, using version B that has some cute little sleeve ties.  I also embroidered the sleeves and really love the effect.  

Here is a photo:

Image result for images Simplicity 8340

Do you have fabrics that simply make you happy?  For me, it depends on the season and the colors.  In the fall and winter, I simply love plaid.  To me they speak of giving warmth, are cozy, and the colors are fun.  And, if you have seen some of my makes before, I gravitate towards red, black and white.  This plaid was the perfect choice.  Plus that turquoise blue is awesome!

It takes a little bit of practice to match plaids at critical points such as the center front, center back, shoulders, arms, etc.  Here are some tips I have found from trial and error. 

Depending on the style of your garment, it is super important the center front matches.  I always purchase extra fabric for matching plaids.  You just never know when you might have a mishap...

When working with plaids, find out whether your plaid is even or uneven.  If you fold back a corner to make a 45 degree angle, you will know.  If the pattern matches, it is even, if it looks like mine, it is uneven.  

I just love using vintage sewing books for reference on sewing fabrics that aren't on my sewing table daily.  This one is great for an explanation on how to sew plaid fabrics.  You must match the pattern within the seam lines, not the pattern edges.  It will make a difference, trust me. :)  

What you can see here is that I cut my plaids in a single layer.  I draw pencil lines on the pattern pieces where the designs need to match. In this case, I drew where the bold white lines intersected with a pencil so it is super hard to see in this photo.  

You'll want to make sure your seam lines match a critical points such as the shoulder seams, center front and back, down the sleeves, etc.  Sometimes I sort of 'cheat' and cut pieces on the bias to add a bit of drama and so that I don't have to have everything match.

My collar and center of the back yoke match, along with the shoulder seams, side seams, and center front.

Is that little loop a fun detail?  I had to add it.  I just had to.

My chosen fabric is a cotton shirting and since it is rather lightweight, to give the hem line just a bit of heft to help it hang properly, I cut bias strips to add to the hemline.  I turned it to the inside and top-stitched on the outside.  

On the inside cuff, I trimmed away the sleeve seam allowance, turned in the cuff allowance and top-stitched to finish off that seam.  I like how nice can clean the finish is.

Here is an area where I 'cheated' on matching the plaid.  I very simply cut the pocket on the bias.  I like the visual interest it gives.

Down the center sleeve, when I first laid out the pattern and decided which seam was dominate, this theme resonated throughout the garment.  That dominate part of the pattern became the center of the sleeve as well.  See my bias cut cuffs?  They go with the bias cut pocket.

Since this has a back yoke and a pleat, it isn't possible to have the pattern match everywhere.  I made sure my centers matched and went from there.  I did however make sure my side seams matched along with the sleeve pattern.  

I decided to highlight the red in the fabric with little red buttons.  

I really, really love this top.  I had a lot of fun putting it together.

It is always a challenge taking photos outdoors in South Dakota.  The wind just blows and blows.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

A super sweet woodland quilt

I have quite a few quilt kits I've purchased over the years and this one has been on my mind for a while.  The colors and the prints are so cute.  

See what I mean?  This quilt is a Laura Hines design.  She is from Billings, Montana.  I was there for a conference several years ago and fell in love with her designs.  This kit came home with me.  
It measures about 65 by 84.  I made this in only a few days.  

The main blocks are printed fabric and are fussy cut.  Everything else is not fussy cut but a rotary cutter and a ruler made quick work of it.  

See that jumbo rickrack at the binding edge?  I thought that was a fun addition.  It wasn't included in the packet, that is how I personalized this quilt to make it my own.  

Here is the backing.  I love this oak leaf and acorn print.  I so enjoyed putting this together.  It has a wonderful home in an upstairs bedroom ready for Christmas holidays and keeping all my loved ones nice and toasty as they sleep here.  

Thanks for reading and just wondering, do you purchase quilt kits?  Do you have a favorite designer?  If so, do tell!


A plain gray dress--Simplicity 1018

Yes, I did it again, I made a solid gray dress.  I like gray.  It goes with anything and some days, I just want to wear a dress that is simple and understated, much like this one.  

Image result for images Simplicity 1018

And now you see what I mean by simple and understated.  

I love how the bottom flares out and that you can twirl!

This fits me really well.  See where those princess seams hit?  Just where they are supposed to.  

The only problem with a knit like this is that it shows all your sins.  I really need to start working out again.  

Yes, you can see my slip or body shaping slip I am wearing.  Check out my tights, they are really funky!

Here is a close up of the neckline and the stretch stitch I use on my machine.  It is hard to see, but look carefully.  I use it on the hems as well.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a great holiday!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A cobalt blue dress

A fresh approach to the drape trend of recent times, this is a cleverly drafted pattern which creates a cross body drape with an inner shell to hold the bodice in place. Use a fluid knit fabric to achieve the best result. Make it with a sleeve or sleeveless.
Kellie Jersey Dress / Top Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - A new twist on the drape dress/top

I love this color and i love the shape of this dress.  It's creative, it is fitted, and damn, it's cute!!!  Right?  Having said that, when I wore it today, I was a bit self conscious.  I sort of felt like a sausage stuffed in a too tight casing but when I look at the pictures, it doesn't appear to be too tight.  I think it is my shape-ware that makes it feel too tight. 

Did I tell you this is the Kellie Jersey Dress by StyleArc?  Sorry this photo is a bit blurry.

That front cross-over detail is not that difficult to do, but you simply can't over think it.  

If you follow the arrows and mark the notches with the correct letter, matching A's and B's, etc., is pretty easy.  

Normally I try to eliminate the center back seam but this one offers some subtle shaping that has some positive effects, even for a middle-aged grandma like me!

Look at that!  Hardly any pooling at the center back!

I am so glad I have super power spanks!

I really love this color too!  It seems dressy but at the same time an everyday dress.

That neckline is awesome!  It isn't constricting but isn't too low.  Perfect in my estimation!

I only made a swayback adjustment along with sloping shoulders.  I knew my knit had enough give to cover up any sort of FBA that might be necessary.

I really love this dress.  That front detail is super fun to make and I really like how it looks.

Here is a bit closer look.  That line on the right boob, that must be the facing riding up a bit.  I should have checked that prior to taking pictures.  

And I thought you might like a detail of side.  It lies very flat and nice.  Sorry my hand is in the way!

I really like this dress. 
Thanks for reading!