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Monday, January 30, 2017

A shirt to celebrate sewing!

I love sewing with cotton fabric and this super high quality quilt fabric was so inspiring!  

Can you see the sewing machines printed on this?  How cute are they? 

Here is the pattern I used: It is the Roxy by StyleArc.  

Oversized shirt with back interest

I love the slightly over-sized fit, the dropped shoulder seam, the placket, roll-up sleeves and tab, and the pockets!  

I am pretty proud of that placket!  It has been a while since I made one and this one turned out great!

For some reason, I think this top looks best with the sleeves rolled.  

With my muslin, I tried to make this a size smaller, but it just looked silly.  This isn't meant to be more fitted, it has to be oversized to look 'right', so make your normal pattern size.

That little lower split back is pretty cute as well!

The high-low hemline is another design feature that I love!

I love my new blouse!  I used black plastic snaps I applied with my KAM pliers.  

I love my new top!  

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another winter coat

I had to make another winter coat and this time in a trend...mustardy-yellow.  Can you blame me? This color is all over the place and I love it!  Instead of being a year or two late, I decided for once in my life to be (sort of) on time!


When I viewed this lovely yellowish wool on Fabric Mart's site, I knew I needed to make another coat.  

 BUY THE PIECE 1.75 yards Sun Yellow Wool/Poly Melton Coating 58W

Content60% Wool/40% Polyester
Color(s)Sun Yellow
WeightMedium; Falls Away From The Body
StretchNo Stretch
Use(s)Coat, Jacket, Cloak.
CareDry Clean

I knew my coat needed to be warm but with so many wonderful patterns to choose from, it was going to be a tough decision.  After much consideration that took into account the warmth factor, trendiness, and also wearibility, I decided to make a duffle-type coat.

Here is the pattern a choose.  It is a uni-sex pattern.  I'd previously made it for my son and knew what I needed to do to make it fit me.  I didn't care if the coat had a 'tailored look' or not, meaning that if it was a little roomy, I could wear layers under it as it is pretty cold in the Northern Plains in the winter months.  The shoulders are slightly extended, and I am perfectly okay with that.  


I modified the pattern just a bit.  I left off the side seam pockets.  I asked my son about those and he said he preferred the patch pockets, so I went with just using those.  

The hood is nice and roomy, a purely functional feature.  I typically don't wear a hat so the option of a hood is welcome.  

I made my own shoulder pads of this coat and covered them with my lining fabric.  I love making my own clothing because you can add details such as that. 

Below you can see how I finished off all the seams on the right side of the fabric.  

 There was only one seam I was unable to do this treatment on and it was one of the sleeve seams.  I tried, I just couldn't manipulate all that fabric under the needle and get it to look right.  

Since the fabric doesn't ravel at all, to finish off the seams, I choose to topstitch 1/4" on each side of the seamline.  Also, since the fabric is a bit heavy, for the some of the details, such as the patch pocket flaps, I cut that as one piece, rather than two, and simply folded it over and stitched.  I had a much better result than trying to get a nice neat flap with two layers of fabric and interfacing.  Those corners just wouldn't behave as well as I would have liked!  The fabric looks a little orange here, but it really isn't.  

Next, I interlined the coat by fusing a batting to the lining fabric.  I love using a floral or unexpected fabric in my coat linings.  When you open it or leave it unzipped, others get a view they didn't expect.

I also decided to add a zipper to this coat as it doesn't call for one but thought the addition would give some added benefits of added warmth and overall comfort from the wind chill that is so prevalent in the northern plains of the United States.  Dang it gets unbelievably cold here when the wind blows!  If you have ever been on recess duty for 20 minutes you will know what I mean.  Typically there are no trees or other obstacles to stop or slow down the wind...

No winter coat isn't complete with a bit of fun and I decided the addition of a little faux fur at the collar would add the flair I was hoping for!  Sewing with faux fur isn't hard at all, just take a few minor precautions.

If the fur is 'tear-able' do so.
That is if you can make a snip at the selvage and rip to the other end, do it.

This is so much less messy that cutting with shears or a rotary cutter. 

If you must cut, use a rotary cutter.  This is far less messy than shears.  

Clean the blades of your scissors or rotary cutter before cutting another fabric

Be prepared for the mess of faux fur!
In other words, you will probably need to vacuum when you are finished cutting and sewing.

My toggles were purchased from JoAnn's along with the faux fur and zip.  Everything else I used for this coat was from my stash.

Wow do I love this coat and with winter officially starting not that long ago, I know I will face some cold weather with it during 2017 and years beyond!

Thanks so much for reading!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Another fav pattern! Simplicity 2054

Do you own this pattern?  If the answer is no, why not?  I do have to say it is one of my favorite dresses.  I've made it at least 4 times and between DD1 and DD2, they steal it from my closet, so I will continue to make more.  It is that good!

Image result for images simplicity 2054

Every view I've made has been B.  I love C, but find those cute little sleeve slits hit me awkwardly, so I end up hacking those off and making an elbow-length dress.  

I could just use a different pattern, but why?  I've worked out all the fitting tweaks, so I just keep trucking on with this one.  

DD2 swiped this dress from my closet.  I was glad she wanted it and has worn it!  It looks cute on her but was fitted for me.  I will continue to work on fitting her as time allows.  

I like to stabilize the neck area in knits by first stitching a layer of staytape to the neckline with the edge extending barely past 5/8".  When you fold the neckband to the inside and topstitch it in place, it more than covers the slight edge of the tape you used to stabilize the area.  

I also use double sided fusible stay tape by SewkeysE on the sleeve and lower hems.  That stuff is pure magic!  

DD2 loves this dress.  I am happy she wears it and enjoys it.  I am sure there will be more garments made from this pattern.  

Thanks for reading!