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Monday, January 26, 2015

Jungle January continues!

So imagine this: your TNT skirt pattern in a jungle print?  I think I hear winds blowing and purring contentedly!  Meow!  I love this pattern and I love my python print...what else to say?  Wow!

So, if you've never sewn Sewaholic patterns before, what the heck are you waiting for?  They are just simply awesome!  They go together easily, are super cute, well drafted, stylish, and look great on a variety of people!  Any questions?

I used this print from Hancock that sewed up great and it has a bit of a stretch for extra comfort.  I made this pretty much straight from the package directions except for the lapped, rather than invisible, zipper.  Why?  I didn't have an appropriate invisible zipper so I improvised.
I made view A, which is the same one I made before.  I love the ability to wear a belt with this skirt so I do!
This was an incredible bargain--my fabric was 75% off and cost me less than $4 a yard!  All in, this skirt was less than $10 (fabric and zipper).

This skirt only takes about 2 yards so it is economical as well as stylish and an instant gratification project.  The pockets are really ingenious and are created with one piece of fabric that includes the pocket facing and back--all in one!

I made a 12 and it fits perfect in the waist but may need tweaked in the hips just a bit, as in I may take it in a tad...not quite sure as I like it just like this!

Make this if you want a quick project that you'll love wearing!

Back off ladies, the handsome young man photo bombing this is taken...he's my son and newly engaged!

Your welcome!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A save from wadderville!

Vogue Patterns Misses' Top And Tunic 8831

Yep, you've guessed it, I've made this before!  It's such a great pattern and I am sad to say it is OOP! 

Here is a description: 
Close-fitting, pullover top and tunic have double-layered, draped collar, side front/side back seams and stitched hems. C: narrow hem, back longer than front (wrong side shows). A, B, C, D: cup sizes.

For once, now hold onto your chair, I didn't make a tunic but a top, why?  I didn't have enough fabric, but more on that later.  

I purchased this lovely soy-hemp fabric from Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver.  Wow, do I ever love this fabric!  I had no plan when I purchased it but with the lovely color and the quality of the fabric, I swooned!  I wanted to make a stash-buster and found this pattern in my stash and thought--why not?  I love this pattern.  I made a great tunic from it with elbow length sleeves in a jungle print that I can't wait to pull out this spring/summer.  

So, how did I save this from wadderville and what the heck happened?  Note to self, don't cut out and try to sew when you don't feel well, it doesn't.  Work.  At.  All.  Argh.  But I do feel like I saved it from doom and have a top I will enjoy wearing.  

1.  I wasn't paying attention when I cut this out.  The neck takes a lot of fabric and I didn't plan accordingly when I was cutting out so I ended up with--of course--is my center front and center back having to be p-i-e-c-e-d or wadded.  Oh did I just about cry!   At that point I had nothing to loose and decided to piece it as attractively as I could and sew it up.  

A view of the front piecing.  I intentionally made it off-center and the bottom piece 1/4" from the bottom
The back--see the piecing?  Intentionally off center and hopefully it looks like a design element.  

At first, in my fever ridden state, I thought it looked fine.  However, after a night of sort of restful sleep, I went and looked again and thought, crap.  Wad that baby up!  I fingered the fabric and basking in its deliciousness, decided I had to try and save it so I did.  

I have some fun screens from Marcy Tilton and some fun paint I purchased from Dharma paint co and decided to give it a go.  

I practiced some screens on scraps with different colors of paint, let dry, cut them out, and played with the placement on the top front and back.  I highly recommend this step if you ever decide to paint your garments as fabric paint, especially high-quality paint, shouldn't come out and guess what?  It doesn't ever leave the fabric if you make a mistake.  

After playing, I went for it and I have to say that I am very pleased with my design and how it helps silence the piecing I made on the front and back.  I have a top I can wear and enjoy now!  

One thing to remember--when fitting a top and wearing for photos, make sure you have the same bra on for both.  It is amazing to me how different my girls look in different bras!  I need to throw the one I used for these photos out, immediately!  

This is a super easy pattern that has cup sizing.  I made a 14 with a C cup.  I didn't deviate from the instructions at all and love how everything turned out.  

If you don't have this pattern, try and get a copy, it's great!  

Thanks for reading!  I do love this top!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year, New Resolutions, New Workout Wear!

So every year I vow to get in shape and stay in shape and typically I do really well with this promise to myself up until about October and then it seems like busyness, apathy, and life just gets in the way and I backslide into old habits...including not working out!

While it's not quite that bad, it does sometimes feel the way this looks!

So to start 2015 out right I decided the best and most appropriate thing to do is make some workout out clothes I will look forward to wearing and why not?  They go together quickly and with this AMAZING fabric I choose from Fabric Mart to complete the job, I'll make more!  This is a poly lycra blend and I wish you were able to touch it, it is SO soft!  I wish I could wear something like this to work as I think I'd smile all day long!  I'd certainly look and feel comfortable.

Softshell jacket pattern cover

For the jacket I used Jalie 2679, or the women's sport jacket.  I can't even tell you how long I've had this pattern and just never took the time to create it and wow--what was I waiting for?  The details are awesome, the directions good although a little sparse, and the drafting is perfect.  I LOVE this pattern and I am so pleased with my final result!  It was fun playing with the layout of the pattern pieces to determine where I would use the contrasting white.  I could have easily made this all in pink and been equally happy but I wanted some sort of contrast.   I love the zippered pockets--aren't they awesome?  You can fit quite a bit in them such as your cell phone, Kleenex, and even a pair of mittens--that is if you like to run outside like I do!  My only alterations were to make my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment.  I do feel the sleeves are long, but when you are running outside in cool weather, I prefer them to be too long so I can pull my hands into them if necessary.

The fabric behaved beautifully and it pressed well and stretched when it needed to.   Lovely stuff, really lovely!  And, who doesn't want pretty work out clothes?  I love pink and if that motivates me to work out, then so be it!

At first I was a little worried I would stick out like a sore thumb but when I was at Target recently, I noticed that they have workout clothing in pretty colors and something other than black!  Hip, hip, hooray!

For the pants, I used a Kwik Sew pattern that again, has been in my stash for quite a while.  Kwik Sew 3988 has two versions of Yoga/workout pants with a long version with a waist inset, perfect for color blocking, or a shorter version that's knee length that you can make color blocked at the waist seam and outer legs at the knees. 

K3988, Misses' Pants

Both views have a gusset at the crotch area--which makes you able to move in multiple ways--even ways you didn't know your body was capable of doing!

Everything went together well and I did struggle with which size to make.  These pants are supposed to be very close fitting (tight) and for an over 50 year old woman, I certainly didn't want them overly tight as no one wants to see that rear view, even if you are working out!  So, long story short, I cut a large, knowing they be a little loose but with only 1/4" seam allowances, I knew it would be easier to take them in as there is not much room for error if they were too small!

I can't even tell you how much I took these in!  I would say I ended up, size wise, between a small and medium rather than anywhere near a large!  And, I took them in everywhere except the length which I lengthened by about 1.5 inches and found that to be just about perfect for me.

I LOVE this fabric.  It is so soft and I am very happy with the patterns I choose to make this outfit.  I wish it would have been nice enough outside to pose out there for the photos, but the wind chill was about -30 degrees with an air temp of minus zero.  No thanks!  Not going out there if I can help it!

Thanks for reading and I so appreciate your comments.  If Fabric Mart has any of this fabric left, don't hesitate to purchase is for any knit garment.  It is lovely stuff!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Saturday Stash Buster/January Jungle tunic!

How long have I adored Marcy's style? Long, long time....her clothing is unique, slightly edgy, and fun.  Love fun clothing, life is too short for boring stuff all the time.

V9057, Misses' Top

And here is a description from the back of the envelope: Pullover top (close-fitting through bust) has neckline and shaped hemline variations. Wrong side shows on hemline. A: raw edge finish and sleeve bands. B and C: neck binding and side slit. C: armhole binding. Sleeve hem and hem B, C and E: stitched in place. A, D and E: neck band variations.

I made view B in a size 14.  I should have made an FBA but when I tissue fitted this, it fit fine, meaning the girls had plenty of room.  I experimented with making darts, but they just didn't seem to look right on this fabric or top.  Maybe I need more experimentation with that.  
I used a little heavier fabric than was intended for this top but I am happy with the result. Both fabric and pattern had been in my stash for quite a while--meaning at least a month for each.  I loved that I had everything I needed for this in my stash and whipped this up in a short amount of time.  I also love that it isn't a typical tunic but has unique shaping.  

This ended up being my wearable muslin.  I had the fabric but just wasn't sure what to do with it and I like how this turned out.  I will wear this a lot!  However for my next time, I will make some alterations such as an FBA, more than my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment and if I make view B again, I will lengthen each side by an inch or two so I don't have anything showing that is no one's business but my own--if you get my drift!  

I can't wait to try this with multiple fabrics like Marcy's version seen way above.  How fun!  

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll participate in Jungle January too!


Another Henley top

Oh, I love the simplicity of a Henley!  It can be super casual but also a little dressier depending on your fabric and how you wear it.  This is my second time through with this McCall's pattern 6747.  I'll fill you in why I love it so much!

In case you are wondering, here is what the pattern looks like, just in case you haven't seen it.  I love this maxi length version with the stripes.  How adorable and comfortable she looks!

So here is the description from the back of the envelope: Pullover, close-fitting top and dresses have button neck and front bands, and stitched hems.  A: Narrow hem on sleeves.  C: button flaps.  A, C: Pockets.  B, C, D: Fitted through hips.  C, D: Back hemline slit.  

So I made a mishmash of views by using the length of B/C, long sleeves of D but no pockets.  And, I used snaps that I applied with Kam pliers.  I didn't have enough black, so I opted for the red.  What do you think?  It gives it a little pizzazz?  Does it look like I didn't have the right color so I punted? 

This pattern is just super easy to put together.  In fact, I cut this out, sewed, and took pictures in about a 2.5 hour time and I was intently watching the Packers/Cowboys game!  Thank you Aaron Rodgers for that win!  

If you've never put in a placket before, the directions are very easy for this one.  I would recommend however that you practice on some scraps before you cut into your pretty fabric!  

My fabric (isn't it cute?) was a little stretchier than I thought so I sewed slowly and thought about using a very small patch of interfacing where the right and left bands come together, but it wasn't necessary.  

I also really like how the neckband is applied as it ends up looking nice and professional. 

I've been experimenting with putting in FBAs and I did this time with some success.  I took a Craftsy class on adjusting the bust and wow, was it helpful!  So now I am a convert and will use this method all the time!  

I love the easy fit of this dress and I really thought about eliminating the center back seam but it does provide some shaping so I left it alone and with the busy print, it works!  I hope you'll try this pattern very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Victory Lola Dress and why not?

So sometimes a pattern you've made before calls you name....and you must answer, right?  I so love my first Lola and wear it as often as I can that I had to make another.

I ordered the fabric I used for this from Fabric Mart and I just love it.  So pretty!

In case you've never sewn a Lola, here is what the website says about the pattern: 
Lola is a spin off of the classic crew neck sweater. This comfortable slip on dress features raglan sleeves, ribbed hem bands, front neckline “V” detail, and over-sized wrap around pockets . The curved seams give a relaxed, feminine fit.  This project is ideal for a serger and is easy to wear when you want to be cozy in style!
Pattern includes a size range from 2-16.  This pattern is printable on letter and international A4 paper. Lengthening/shortening instructions and fabric cutting diagrams are included along with a list of everything you'll need to make this garment. 

    I made a size 12 but with this pattern, I seem to need to take it in more, basically everywhere! 

 With this fabric I didn't want it tight but not loose either.  It is really important (at least i think) that this dress fits everywhere, but especially the bust.  
And I simply love everything about it: style, fit, funkiness, all of it!  
I did two things differently and I must say that I am happy with the result.  Firstly, I shortened the length of the pockets so they end about 2 inches below the bottom of the dress.  For my first go, I had to as I was slightly short of fabric but this time I did this modification on purpose and I still love it!  The little triangular patch on the front is optional, and since this fabric is dressier, I left that off as well.  
I also lengthened the sleeves by six inches so they were more bracelet length than elbow and I like this as well!  
In case you are wondering, the directions are so easy to follow, are very thorough, make sense and it's no wonder to me that this has been a much sewn (which equals loved) pattern.   And why not?  It has style, is easy to sew, gives amazing results and looks great on everyone!  You can make it ultra casual with sweatshirt fabric or dressier using just about any appropriate stretch fabric.  I happen to think my version is on the dressier side based on my fabric.  i haven't made a super casual one yet but plan to!  
I simply love this dress.  I can't wait to wear it!  It sews up quickly, is fun, and I received so many compliments on the first one, I had to make another!  I hope you'll try this pattern and love it as much as I do!
Thanks for reading!