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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

McCall's Fitted Tunic

I really wanted to make a more fitted tunic since so many of them are less than fitted but I just love everything single one of them!  So, back to McCall's 6750.

And--you're right!  It isn't even a tunic but that doesn't mean I can't make it one!

I was drawn to the style and fit of this top.  It has quite a few darts in the front and back making it so much more fitted than my fav TNT the Archer by Grainline.  I decided I should probably have a few TNT blouses so not all of them are boxy or looser-fitting.

This top has three options that revolve around the sleeve length as everything else looks exactly the same.  I wanted a long sleeve version since it is flipping cold outside right now and I need more long sleeves in my wardrobe.

I used a fabric from my stash that I think I purchased from Marcy Tilton that was labeled as a denim but is very lightweight, much more like a Chambray.  There is a white thread that runs through it that gives it a bit of definition.

This top is my wearable muslin.  I still think I have some more alterations to do to this top but it is fine as is and I will most likely wear it in public, but with the sleeves rolled at least once!

I made a size 14 and I do have to say I think this pattern runs a little large.  I also made my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment and felt like it should have been more like 3/4 to 1".  I also lengthened this top by 6 inches to make it tunic length and I like the fit-and-flare shape of the bust to waist and waist to hip ratio.  I did end up taking this in quite a bit at the upper back and even extended the pleat at the upper back and radiated it to meet the innermost dart. I do however love the fit of the shoulder seam and where it lies on me.  Just about perfect!  I also like the collar and how it is formed with the front facing but ends at the shoulder seam.

Directions are really great as this is a Palmer-Pletsch pattern and I followed all the directions for tissue fitting prior to cutting out.  No matter how good the tissue fits, it just isn't the same to me as a moldable fabric is.  Fabric shows the drape whereas I don't think you get the same from tissue. Maybe it is operator error and I need more practice tissue fitting?

I do like my finished blouse and will wear it.  I may end up tweaking the fit a bit more but I do believe this pattern deserves another remake, nut what do you think?  I promise, it isn't tight or pulling at the bust.  I think the static in my house is causing the fabric to stick to my bra!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I love the fit of the front of the blouse, and your sewing skills look very crisp. The neckline, in particular is very flattering. I find that the back is an area that I struggle with, as I'd like to disguise my rounding shoulders, but still have a more fitted look. It will be interesting to see your modifications on your next blouse. Thank you for your posting! I hope you post more photos of what you do with fitting the back, but I think you will get lots of wear out of this lovely blouse.

    1. Thank you Donna! I appreciate your comments!

    2. Thank you Donna! I appreciate your comments!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Idealize this is a year after you finished this top but I had a couple of thoughts on this blouse. The blouse is collapsing in the front placket. Do you have the button place right at the fullest part of your bust? Next time I would wait until the blouse is finished, or at least shoulder and side seam sewn before marking the buttonholes. I find the placement never follows the pattern markings. It's also hard to see the back because of how you are standing in the picture, but most of the time you need that room in a blouse, and I think it looks pretty good on you. Another thought is that maybe this pattern just is not amenable to a tunic! Fold up the length the amt you added and try it on again. I think the proportions will look a lot better.
    I always love seeing what you've seen; you are an inspiration! I have more fabric than I know what to do with, and the same with patterns. I do get a lot done, but nothing compared with your output. I would post to PR but don't know how to upload the pictures!! DUH!