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Sunday, June 16, 2019

A little summer sewing...StyleArc Ariel Skirt and Harmony Woven Top

If you've seen my reviews before, you know I am a SA mega fan!  I simply love their patterns.  I was so excited to try this wrap skirt called the Ariel.  Here it is: 

Ariel Wrap Skirt Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Flounce detail skirt sewing pattern.

This goes together fast and is so well drafted.  Normally, I shy away from wrap skirts since they tend to be difficult to keep the goods under wrap when walking, but not with this pattern.  This one stays put!  

For my top, I created another Harmony Woven Top, again by StyleArc.  

Harmony Woven Top Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Flounce sleeve loose fitting top sewing pattern.

I am so into flounces these days.  I can hardly believe it but I find them so feminine and cute.  Plus, they are fun to wear.  

Here's my rendition: 

We had a huge rainstorm over night and lots of fog this morning.  Enough of the weather, back to the outfit!

The only deviation for me was to make just one flounce on the top.  I like the double, but since I've already made one of these, and I am working on another, three of the exact same top is a bit much.

For the top, my fit adjustments were to lengthen from the shoulder to the apex, the bust curve, and the back between the shoulder blades and waistline.
For the skirt, I made zero adjustments. 

This fabric!  I purchased it on a recent trip to Baton Rouge to see my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.  I arrived back home three days ago and whipped this out fairly fast!

This skirt is so comfortable.  It has an elastic waistline for the majority of it with a flat front where the wrap meets.  Plus, check out the flounce!

Close up time!  This is the sleeve.  I love making narrow hems.  I stitch 1/4" from the edge, turn and press, and press again.  It gives me a very precise edge.

Here's the inside of the skirt flounce.  You can see what I mean with the precision.  

The flounce is also edge-stitched or top-stitched in place.  I love that added detail.

Like I mentioned before, I have this top cut out and have begun putting it together for a third.  I just really love it.  I am sure I will make the skirt again as well.  I'd love to have it in a solid.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

More from Simplicity 8375--ripe for hacking!

One of my goals is to purchase block (basic) that I can adapt or design to whatever I want.  How realistic is this?  Not very but a girl can dream, right?  Here's my base pattern that I am talking about using as a block: 

How sweet is this?  Plus I really like that it's a bit more boxy than my beloved McCall's 8668.  

I recently made two tops from this.  Both are entirely different and equally fun and so suitable for summer!  Here's top 1: 

I found the inspiration for this top as a RTW online.  I didn't exactly copy it, but the styling is there.  

I hope to be able to take some photos of me wearing this soon!  Both fabrics were from my stash.  Up until recently (couple of years), I shied away from wearing yellow.  With the absolute awful weather we had this past winter, anything bright and cheery is so welcomed!

You can probably tell what I did by looking, but with the lace, I simply overlaid it with the lace, cut, and then added the ruffle.  I did roll hem the ruffle since that is what the inspiration photo had.

For this one, I obviously made sleeveless and then chose the scooped back.  Across the back, you'll see what I did.

I love tunics like this for summer.  So cool and comfortable to wear.  This fabric came from JoAnns.  I love the mustard-y yellow with the white and black.  

I just put a single strip across the back.  The neckline wasn't drooping and the shoulders were staying put.  I just wanted a little something there.  

So there you have it.  Two yellow tops from the same pattern that look totally different! 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

A little summer sewing: McCall's 7903

I love sewing for summer.  Actually, I love sewing for every season, but with our spring almost non-existent, there's something about making summer garments extra-appealing.  Here's my latest: 

Image result for images McCalls 7903

This cute little top is loose-fitting with all those flounces!  Aren't they awesome?  I made view C.  I simply love the fabric I used.  The manufacturer is Art Gallery and this is a Viole.  It's light and breezy, perfect for a hot summer day.  

Here's mine.  I'm not sure this is the best use of this fabric, but I do really love the colors and the print.  I'll wear it a bit and see what I think....

When the pattern says this is loose-fitting, it is.  Believe it.  Typically, I try to size down but I wanted to try this as written.  I didn't want to mess with the flounces and how the hang from the bodice.

Look how wide these are!  Isn't that too much fun?

This shot makes me think this is not a garment for me.  I feel about as wide as a hippo in this top.

I really love that cute little back tie.  This really took no time at all to make.  I may end up altering it by making some waist darts, taking in the flounces, and going from there.  I did end up wearing this to church and received many compliments so maybe I am being to hard on myself.  

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 27, 2019

StyleArc Harmony

I think you all know how much I love StyleArc patterns.  I sew them a lot since the styles are cute, stylish, and fun.  Plus, the patterns are so well drafted they are fun to put together.  

Here's my latest.  

Image result for images Style Arc Harmony

How simply cute is this top?  It's basically a looser fitting top that skims your torso.  It has a loop and button closure at the back neckline with a shaped front and back facing that you topstitch to highlight it.  The sleeves though are what make this so fun!  There are four pieces to the sleeves that make up those cute little ruffles.  They are circle cut so there's no gathering.  

Here's my version: 

I love everything about this.  It's light and breezy and those sleeves!  

I love the back too.  

I used this print from Telio and its made from Rayon.  It feels like silk on your body.  It moves and flows with you.  Next to StyleArc, I love Telio so much!

Check those sleeves!  They are frilly but not too much. 

Here's the neckline.  The topstitching is a little difficult to see but it's there.  

I so love these colors!

I hope you are making some fun summer garments!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Another 6886--can you have too many?

Honestly, can you have too many McCall's 6886?  I think not.  Here's my latest.  I am so smitten with this pattern.  I really should just use this from now on to create any sort of tee design.  

Here's my latest version of this dress: 

If you've been living under a rock, here's the original dress pattern: 

Image result for images McCalls 6886

See what I mean?  Classic, simple, stylish.

For this version, I used a kit I purchased from Alabama Chanin.  If you are unfamiliar with their work, here's a link to their site: Alabama Chanin

I didn't think I'd like this type of handwork, but turns out that I am quite smitten with this process.

Being a kit that I purchased, it was intended to be a long or maxi-length skirt.  When I saw how much fabric there was, I immediately thought dress and my beloved 6886 came to mind.

My husband is making me laugh.

This is a double-layer of fabric.  The lighter green was printed with the floral motif.  I layered both, stitched together, clipped the top layer away and what-you-see, is-what-you-get.

I love this color combination.

This is a casual yet dressy at the same time.

I always but a seam mid-back to compensate for my swayback.  It helps, but doesn't completely take it away.

I single-layered the neckband.   

I left the hems raw.  That's so hard for me to even type.

I really love this color combination.  I like it with my redish hair.

I am not done with this pattern so I hope you'll be open to reading more about how many more versions I have in my head.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another Daisy--StyleArc Daisy Designer Tunic

When you really love how a pattern turned it, it's okay to visit it again!  I so love my original Daisy Designer Tunic that I had to make another....

Here's the pattern: 
Daisy Designer Tunic Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Interesting tunic top fabulous angled hems and side pockets

If you didn't see my original, here it is!


I really love this version!  I used a mustard-yellow linen and lace for the sleeves as I didn't have quite enough fabric.  For my second version, I used this rayon my Telio.  I so love Telio fabric.  It's such a nice quality at a reasonable price.  It sews well and I love the colors and prints!  


Look at how fun this is!  I simply love this print.  

I didn't even try to match the motifs on the fabric across the front and back. If I remember correctly, I cut the lower band on the cross grain as I didn't have enough even with som tetrusing.  

I made a few very small alterations to this version that are different than my first.  Let me tell you what I did differently on that version first, then we will get into this one.  

I lengthened from the shoulder to the apex and below the bust curve. For more information on this, check out Designer Joi. 
I lengthened from the back shoulder to the waistline. 

For this version, I took in the front neckline only about 1/2".  That's it.

I really love how well StyleArc patterns fit me straight from the envelope.  With a few minor tweaks, they are even better.

So, once again, I didn't have quite enough fabric.  I used some tencel denim that's very lightweight as the facings for the hem and lower band.  I like how this hangs with that tiny bit of extra weight there.

Thanks for reading!
Now I need a sleeveless one for summer.
Sue :) 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Simplicity 8014 in denim


Hello and Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

I wanted to share with all of  you my latest creation that I am in love with!  This is Simplicity 8014 and I used a black denim with a bit of stretch.  Here's the pattern:
Image result for Images Simplicity 8014

How cute and classic is this dress?  

Using white as my topstitching is a bold choice, I know.  However if you are patient and keep your seam ripper handy, it's not too bad.  For my topstitching thread, I pulled out machine quilting cotton.  It's a bit heavier than a typical poly thread and when I tested it out, it seemed to stand up on the fabric a bit.

I have been working on sleeve placement and how it fits my particular shoulder shape and am happy with the results.

That cute gathered back into the yoke is always a favorite of mine when creating a garment.  The pattern only called for one layer of yoke, but I used two as it creates a much nicer finish on the inside.

Also, sometimes with denim you get that annoying fold line on the fabric.  I tried to work around it but wasn't able to cut without seeing it.  Over time, when the dress fades, it will become less noticable.

The details of this dress ar a lot of fun.  There's a shaped lower hem, collar and stand, button front, and side seam pockets.  

To go with my white topstitching, I used white square buttons from my stash.  I like the look on my dress.  

Here's the dress sans belt.  Without the belt it skims over your body.  I like that!

Here you can see the gathers and yoke.  

Here's a better picture of the lower hem.  I love the shape.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Mother's day to all of you moms!