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Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Look 6288--more unselfish sewing....

So I have two beautiful daughters.  One lives close by and has given me (well not given, but you know what I mean) the two most awesome grandsons! One lives far away and I've sewn up projects for her before but not as many as for Katy, or the DD that lives closer.  I decided to do something about that.  We went to a home party that sells women's clothing and she loved the maxi skirts.  I looked at the simple design and the fabric quality and thought that I can make her at least 4 of those with the price we paid for one.  

New Look Pattern 6288 Misses' Pull on Knit Skirts

So, being the good momma I try to be, I pulled out this pattern and let her forage through my stash and she picked three fabrics that I am glad she drooled over.  

Isn't she beautiful?  And look at that fabric!  This was a piece I purchased from Fabric.com.  I hesitated and told her she could have it only if she promised to love it as much as I do.  She quickly agreed.  Whew!  

She's quite a bit shorter than I am so I lopped about 3 inches off the length.  

There are so many pretty colors in this skirt that she can wear it with almost anything!  

Version 2 is this great print from Girl Charlee.  I made a tunic from it that I have never blogged about.  I really should do that since I just love it.

This knit had a more cotton-y feel than the first skirt did.

I also made a third skirt that we didn't photograph since this little fella decided he needed his mommy.  

This is a great skirt for a beginner or someone new to knits.  It stitches up very quickly and look how cute it turns out!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Jasmine pants!

So I am really, dreadfully, awfully far behind in my blogging.  I have been sewing but just haven't taken the time to post which is really too bad since I feel like when I see actual photos of me wearing garments I've made, I get a better idea of whether it is a hit, a near miss, or what was I thinking when I wore this in public???

Image result for Images StyleArc Jasmine pants

I am on the fence with these pants.  I like them but the fit isn't great.  It is okay, but this is the first time I have had to take a pattern in along the hips and thighs in a while.  Maybe all the running I am doing it starting to pay off?

I have had this pattern in my stash for a while and have also know for a while that I need more work pants.  So, I put these together in just a few hours.  It is a pretty basic pants that fit okay.  The legs are wider than I am used to and what makes this pattern a touch unique is the back yoke.  If my derriere wasn't so flat (I am working on that) I would wear these with a top tucked in so you can see the details.  

I know, I know, it is hard to see in this light.  I tried to get dressed in these prior to the sun setting, but it just didn't work out.  

I like these much better with my shirt un-tucked.  

Directions for this pattern are really, really difficult to follow.  You all know how much I love SA patterns and even for me, these were bad!  There are tutorials on their website that I have utilized before and know they are helpful.  I have made so many pants that I really don't need directions.  I just like to glance at them to see if there is another technique I need to learn.  

Having said that, if you've made a pair of pants with a real fly front, you won't have any issues creating these if you consult directions other than what is included with this pattern.  

The only fitting alteration I make to SA's pants patterns is a fish-eye dart at the back upper leg.  This is a slight dart and hers is how I do it.  In the photo above, I cut along a perpendicular line along the upper back leg, just below the crotch line.  

In this photo, I have taped the pattern piece back together.  If this had been tissue paper you could have seen what I did much more clearly.  You will just have to take my word for it!  The overlap in the center of the leg is 1/4" which amounts to a total of 1/2".  It makes a difference.  If you used very stretchy fabric, you could make the dart extend all the way to the side seams and then stretch the back to fit the front.  My fabric wasn't nearly that stretchy so I had to taper to nothing on the sides.  

These pants are comfortable and have a nice wide waistband that sits at your natural waist.  

I wanted you to see a close-up of the fabric I used as it isn't visible in the photos above.  Isn't this cool?  I believe I purchased it from Fabric Mart.  

Thanks for reading!
What are you sewing to wear to work?  Do tell!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Orange, white, and Butterick 6376

How many new sewing patterns have you picked up recently?  This is one of the new Butterick's that I thought was cute and unique.
Image result for images butterick 6376
Actually, I've purchased several blouse patterns and chose this one to complete first as we are still having some beautiful weather.  You might smirk as you read that statement but we've had plenty of snow in year's past on October 1st.  

I made my usual size 14 based on my high bust measurement of 36.  

 The big 4 patterns have quite a bit of ease and it is recommended by many pros to use your high bust measurement when choosing a size.

This top is my wearable muslin.  The orange stretch gingham is from Marcy Tilton and I couldn't resist it as orange is one of my favorite colors to wear.  

I made my usual FBA and I think it would have worked better had I made darts.  See, there are some drag lines.  Just to make this a bit different, I doubled up the buttons down the front.  

I love how the back fits.  I made my usual swayback adjustment along with a sloping shoulder adjustment.  

I am pretty happy with my new top!  
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The top that should have been a dress or Simplicity 8216

How stinking cute is this pattern?  The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it!  Luckily it was on sale at JoAnn's so it was a great deal!  

Simplicity Pattern 8216 Misses' Mini Dress or Tunic

Did you ever wear a bow blouse back in the late 80's or 90's?  I wasn't a working girl at that time as I choose to stay at home and be with my four little ones but I did have a bow blouse or two.  They are feminine, pretty, and graceful.  

But the big difference between then and now is the size of the bow.  Then the bow was HUGE!  Now, the bow is simple and understated, perfect!

Let's talk fabric first.  Isn't this just fun?  I purchased it from either Fabric.com or Fabric Mart.  I wish I could remember!

Sometimes I purchase fabrics and realize something like--wow, I've gotten a lot of blues lately....

I don't wear a ton of blue, but something about this rich cobalt color was so striking to me.  I believe it is a poly/rayon challis.  Really lovely to work with.

A note or two about the pattern.  I made my usual size 14 since that size fits me so well through the shoulders and upper chest.   This pattern has plenty of ease through the chest so I didn't make my usual FBA.  Another note is that the line drawing makes this pattern look very gathered along the back yoke along with the shoulder areas.  Neither have much gathering.

I did however make a sloping shoulder adjustment.  I love how that area fits me.  

If you sew this neckline and bow area precisely, you'll end up with a great result!

 I tagged this the top that should have been a dress because I found to holes in my fabric as I was sewing it up.  I ended up hacking about 3.5 inches from the bottom of this tunic and realized there was another hole about five inches above that one.  Grrrr.............I fixed that by appliqueing a small leaf over the hole and it worked.  Dang, I wish I would have examined the fabric more carefully before cutting into it!

I am happy with my finished result.

Sue :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tackling your fear fabric!

Do you have a fear fabric?  For me, I have several, but my biggest fear has been mesh.  And yes, it did make me feel like this....

Image result for images of fear

     I finally decided to overcome my fear by trying a few projects and I have decided that sewing with      mesh is fun!  If you too have a fear of sewing with mesh, just take a few precautions and you'll be                                                                                fine.  

                                                                             Trust me!

         Now, I wished I hadn't been such a silly-goose and tried so many more mesh projects sooner!  

Look how fun this fabric is!  
Perfect for fall, don't you think?

This fabric is ultra comfortable on your skin as well.  You can't say that about every fabric you wear...right?

This top is made in a 'cocoon' shape which is sort of funky but I like it!   However, you must choose the right fabric.  This is a StyleArc pattern and here is a picture from the site: 

The cocoon shape is more pronounced that it appears in the line drawing.  The lower-sleeves are VERY narrow, so test the fit prior to sewing together.   

Mesh is a great choice since it doesn't stand away from your body making you look like an egg, which is important! 

I tested this fabric using both a regular sewing machine and a serger.  It worked just perfect on my serger so that is how I stitched the entire thing.  

I topstitched the neck band and the hems.  

What do you think of sewing with mesh?  If you are worried, don't be, just create some test strips and find out what works for your fabric and design.

Thanks for reading!
Sue :)

Oh, and BTW, my next fear fabric to tackle is silky and ultra slippery fabric....

Monday, September 12, 2016

SA Avery top

So you all know how much I love StyleArc, right?  Well, here is my latest pattern from them.  This is the Avery Tunic Top. 

It combines a knit and a woven, pretty cool, right?  

Sliced Tunic Top featuring a high low hemline and exposed zip

Here is how the top is described on the SA site: 

"A great spliced Tunic top using a combination of woven and knit fabrics. This tunic features a high low hemline with wide hem facings that are top stitched down. The back yoke features an exposed zip. This zip is optional, also this tunic can also be made in all knit if preferred."

The description fits the final result really well.  As you can see, I deviated from the original design based on my fabric choice for the knit.  But speaking of fabric, isn't this stripey tribal type woven cool?  It is a Telio fabric that Ottobre uses quite a bit in their designs.  Fabric.com has been carrying them on their site and I have been trying very hard to restrain myself from purchasing more and more!  

The knit is a super soft knit also from Fabric.com that is in one of my favorite all-time colors--coral.  It was a risk putting these two fabrics together but I decided to go for it and like the result.  

As you can see from the photos, I made 2/3rd ish sleeves.  These sleeves were very long and I am 5'7".  Before shortening them to hit my wrist, I chopped at least 2 inches off the bottom.  They are that long!  I also sewed a cuff along the sleeves since I was afraid that my hem may stretch a bit due to the softness of the fabric.  

Next, I did try to insert an exposed zip up the back but again, that knit was just too soft!  I even used interfacing and just couldn't get it to look nice.  I decided I still wanted some sort of funky back neck treatment so I played with several ideas and came up with the version you can see below.  I ended up slashing the center back seam of the upper top, stitched on two self-faced pieces made from the lower fabric, and stitched on the neckband by first overlapping the decorative bands.  I treated the top as I would had I made it with either a zip or solid.  I added the little buttons that are non-functional as a bonus.  :)

I really like so many things about this tunic.  It is comfortable and would look super cute two solid colors or maybe even two coordinating prints.  As usual, the drafting is very good with this pattern company. 

Depending on the weight of your fabric, you may want to interface the hem facings.  If my fabric was any lighter in weight I would have.  That is a pretty cool design detail you want to look good and hang properly.  And yes, I did an amazingly horrible job matching the stripes.  For some reason, I decided to start matching the pattern pieces at the lower edge, not the upper.  Duh.  I hope to never make that mistake again!

Thanks for reading! I love hearing from you!