Monday, October 20, 2014

McCall's 6531 Round 2

So here is my second Anorak jacket using McCall's 6531.  I LOVE this pattern!  It is so RTW!  Can I make it at least 10 more times without being weird?  I hope so!

Anyway, here is round 2....This is a loose-fitting, unlined jackets that have a mock front band, long sleeves with seam opening and button cuffs, concealed snaps and zipper closing.  A: Stitched hem.  B: pleated pocket and band.  C: Elastic waist and pockets with gussets, flaps, and button trim.  D: Topstitched belt, collar, waist.  A, hem B, C, D: Purchased cord and stoppers.

Sorry about the blurry photo, I can't figure out what to do to my camera to fix it!

So, I made a modified view by using the length of C/D, the pockets from B, and the drawstring cord of A.  Since this was my second version, I didn't really need the instructions.  What I really love is how ready-to-wear this jacket looks and feels when completed.

This does run roomy, and my first time, I made an XS because I wanted a closer fit, more of a top or layering piece than a regular jacket.  This time was no exception except with the fabric I used this time and how it had more heft, I made closer to a small.

What did I add?  Metal snaps on the front faux band and jacket, cuffs, and sleeve tabs.  I found the cute little plastic dealies at the end of the cords at the neck and waist.  What are those dealies called?  They sure add a nice touch!  And, speaking of a nice touch, how freaking awesome is the red zipper and cording against the army green twill?  Gorgeous?  I think so!  I love those two colors together!
When I cut this out, I somehow cut something incorrectly and had to piece the front band together.  To make it look like a design detail instead of a mistake, I joined the pieces on the bias, topstitched and had the seam intersection placed 2/3 of the way up the jacket rather than dead center.

Another thing you might notice is that I evened up the hemline on the back so it was straighter, more like view A and B.

I love everything about this jacket.  We are experiencing some warmer than normal days, so I hope it cools down about five degrees so I can wear it to work!

Thanks always for reading.  What are you wanting to sew this fall?  Is the weather cooperating so you can actually wear it?

Sue :)  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

McCall's jacket 6996

So this is a super easy jacket made from knits from McCall's.  Remember the uber popular little knit jacket (McCall's 6844) everyone made last winter?  Cardigans Pattern, Knit Fabrics Cardigans Pattern, Peplum Cardigan Pattern, Sz 4 to14, McCall's 6844 sewing pattern

I made three of them myself! When I saw this pattern, McCall's 6996, I snatched it up right away!

So this is an instant gratification project.  There are very few pieces: front, back, peplum, and the band.  Wow, do I love projects like these! 

I made this with a wonderful mesh-type knit from Marcy Tilton.  I have such great luck with her knits and this was no exception and aren't the colors just awesome?  I love everything about it!

I also added little bands to the sleeve hem as it was difficult to get the fabric to hem like I wanted.  The bands gave the fabric a little overall heft as well so they hung better--if that makes sense!

So I stabilized the shoulders with 1/4" clear elastic and the front and lower hemlines I serged and turned and stitched.  I tried a few combinations with the mesh and this worked best.  Looks like with this pattern I need to make a bigger swayback adjustment.  But don't you love that peplum?  

I've worn this several times already this fall and have received many compliments.  I see many more of these in my future!  

This is a GREAT pattern!  

Thanks for reading!

3rd Place! Yay!

I finished third and wow, what fun it was to participate in the Fabric Mart Fabricista challenge!  I ended up with three garments I am VERY proud of and LOVE wearing!  I also win a gift certificate!  My goal was to make it to the top five and I surpassed that so everything else was gravy!  

Here is a recap of what I made!

Round 1--the Scout Woven Tee 

Round 2--all about the fit! 

Round 3--Ready to wear knock off!

Round 4  The Little Red Dress!

Round 5--the mystery bundle challenge!

Round 5--Inspired by art!

Wow, do I love everything I made! 

I learned a lot from participating least of which is to make a muslin if you want a great result!  

I can't tell you how many times I skip this step out of sheer laziness!  

Think, think, think about the fabrics you choose for your garments.  

I typically do this until I drive myself nuts, but the right fabric for the right pattern is essential.  

This is something I will do in the future and that is to try and add a little pizazz to each garment I make--something unexpected, like a super fun lining, just something!  

If I met you through this challenge, I feel doubly blessed!  

If you hung with me throughout--a huge thank you!  

Again, thanks for reading!

Sue :)  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The final Fabricista Challenge!

First of all, let me say that I can't believe I made it to the final three!  I am thrilled and so thankful for those of you that voted for me!  This has been such a pleasure to participate in and I am very proud of my creations, especially this one!  

The final challenge's instructions were to create a garment based on art, an art movement, art period, etc.  Basically sort of wide open, no?  While I don't think of myself as an artist, I do love looking at and admiring art.  My favorite period?  That's hard to pin down but I really love the art deco period and how that depicts clothing styles for men and women.

More specifically, the art deco period reminds me of pop art and the bold, bright colors, clean lines and classy clothing.

Are you familiar with pop art? How about Lichenstein?  See what I mean by bright, bold colors and classy clothing?

A reoccurring theme kept popping up for me and that was a yellow trench coat, just like Dick Tracy wore.  I h-a-d to have one!

And how awesome is that coat?  

For my trench, I used the Sewaholic Robson Trench pattern for this challenge.  

Isn't it just gorgeous?  All the details are perfect for creating your own trench coat, especially one with the elegance of the art deco period. I just wish I could have found bright yellow wool to create my jacket in.

I couldn't just make it as is so I added the black piping on the storm flaps, both front and back.  The black buttons also set it off.

Constructing this coat in a short time period was quite an undertaking!  I didn't start on it until Saturday and I had another idea in mind but my daughter said to me, "Mom, you are in the top three. It is time to put up or shut up."  Well said!  So, I decided to go for the trench.

This pattern is designed for pear-shaped women, of which I am not so some alterations were necessary.  I cut the bodice my regular size and graded the waist line and hips two sizes smaller.  This was the fit I needed.

I love the details of this coat.  

Here are some close ups:

Look at how smooth that sleeve cap is!

I left the lengths alone and they were perfect for my 5'7".  This coat doesn't call for a lining, but I added one as it is much easier to get a lined coat on and off.  I used a soft gray for the body and white lining for the sleeves.  

The pockets are nice and roomy and the placement is just right!

I love my coat and can't wait to wear it!

Thanks for reading and if you like my coat, please vote for me!
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The fifth challenge

So, have you ever had someone pick five fabrics and tell you to make a coordinating outfit from four of the five?  And, the outfit has to be two pieces?  What an interesting challenge from Fabric Mart this has been for me!

Here is a description of my five fabrics along with photos!
1.  Ribbed maroon knit
2.  Silky white and maroon woven

3.  Medium blue printed knit that feels like a ponte
4.  Dark navy woven--feels like 100% cotton
5.  Gray satiny woven

What to do?  Oh dear!  Yes, what to do!
So, I wanted a weekend, running errands sort of outfit and for fall in my neck of the woods, that means a jacket and pants.  And, on the weekend I want comfort!  So after rifling through my pattern stash, I found two winners!    Here they are:

And here is my outfit!

So, I hope you can tell which fabrics I used where!  The challenge stated you had to use the majority of the chosen fabrics for your garments.  Well...I am proud to say I ONLY used the fabrics provided!  Nothing from my stash was all!  Two of the fabrics used on the jacket are pretty obvious.  One that may not be as noticeable is the gray satin that I used as the piping on the jacket.  So, I successfully used four of five fabrics only on these two garments!  

Now, about the fit.  I made a muslin of the jacket and it was giant!  After pinning and such, I decided I needed to make a much smaller size simply because I wanted to make this more of a layering piece rather than a full out jacket for cool days.  So, I made an XS instead of the usual medium and that did the trick!  I lengthened the sleeves and allover length of the jacket as well.  The piping was my own addition and I thought the touch of the gray pulled the two fabrics together and accentuated the gray zipper.  

Let's talk about those awesome details!  Is this the most RTW jacket you've ever seen?  It is for me!  I had so much fun with adding the snaps, topstitching, cords, and stoppers.  Even though this jacket is distinct, I will be making it again!

Now for the pants...I wanted super comfy but stylish pants to run errands in and Vogue 1411 was the perfect choice!  This pattern came together fairly fast--even with all the topstitching!  They fit well, are super comfortable, and dressier than your average leggings.  I see many more of these in my future!  Don't forget to make a muslin so you can tweak the overall fit!

Check out my freaking awesome topstitching and how it matches at the outer leg!

I am disappointed I didn't find a use for the lovely maroon/white print.  I must find the perfect pattern for it!  It is so pretty and has such a lovely drape!

I am very pleased with my new outfit.  I can't wait for the weekend to test it out!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the picture heavy post!

Now, head on over the the fabricmart fabricista blog and vote for your fav--which I hope is mine!
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Sue :)