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Saturday, May 9, 2020

More quarantine makes! Sinclair Cachet and Rebecca Page Pippa pants

It took all my willpower not to make another dress but I thought that would be sort of ridiculous given I've got so many and I already have a few cut out to sew in hopefully the near future.  I did the next best thing and made separates.  I love the look of a jumpsuit, but honestly, I don't want to get undressed when I have to use the potty.  

I found two patterns and decided these would fit the bill.  I just wish you could feel how unbelievably soft this double brushed poly is I used from Fabric Mart.  It's like wearing pure silk.  

This was also very easy to sew.  I used SewkeysE tape at the neckline, shoulders, pocket, sleeve, and lower hemlines.  On the pants, I only needed it at the lower hem.  This stuff is the miracle of taming knits so they behave properly.  I love this stuff!  

I use my serger for construction which makes this a super fast make.  Literally, this can go together in about an hour from cut out to finishing the last stitch of the hemline.  With CoVID going on and figuring out how to productively WFH, I needed a project like this!  I appreciated a project like this.  

The pants pattern, the Pippa from Rebecca Page is another instant gratification project.  This is the first pair I made, the second pair is the first pair I posted that I made in a metallic ponte.  From everything I've read about this pattern, it seems to work in a variety of fabrics from lightweight poly to heavier weight pontes.

I love this outfit!  It's unbelievably soft and comfortable!  
Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Super comfy outfit!

Hi all!  I hope this finds you and your families healthy and well.  
Since I've been WFH, all I want to make is fun and comfortable clothing.  These pants fit the bill!  Not only are the so comfortable, but with my fabric choice, you can actually wear these for more than lounging at home.  

Super comfortable and really fast to make, this comfy stretch pants pattern comes in two lengths, two waistbands, two width options, and sizes XXS to 5XL.

As you can see, this is a Rebecca Page pattern and these are the Pippa pants.  
I used a mid-weight ponte that's been in my stash for a while for these.  I had just enough and I thought why not?  If I didn't' like them, they can always just be for lounging at home.  Or, I could find them a new home.  

This pattern has two or three pieces depending on the view you choose.  The front/back doesn't have a side seam.  So there's that piece and the waistband.  You can choose between a regular waistband, a fold over waistband and add some cute little side ties if you'd like.  Since I am not going to walk around showing off my midriff, I chose the regular waistband.  

Since there are only two pieces for my view, these were cut out and put together in less than an hour.  I am not a fast sewer and I am not slow, so if you are either, adjust your time commitment accordingly.  With that said, I even did a few extra steps too.  

I did lengthen these just a bit from the pattern.  I believe it was about an inch.  I added SewkeysE tape in 1" at the hem line.  I used a stretch stitch to hem the pants by machine.  

There isn't even elastic at the waistline but know what?  These didn't fall down nor did I feel like they would fall down. Yay!  

Let's talk about my top for a moment.  This is the Cachet relaxed tee by Sinclair Patterns.  I absolutely adore this pattern! 

PDF Sewing pattern Sinclair Patterns S1030 Cachet color blocked tee with pocket

It has three different pocket variations, a color-blocked version, and it is just right for doing your own thing.  This is another pattern that as soon as I finished my first, I immediately made a second.  This one is made from baby french terry from Sly Fox Fabrics.  This stuff is really wonderful to work with and it sews like a dream!  

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are able to make some comfortable clothing that you really love!  

Until next time, 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Valley Skater Dress--A New Free Pattern!

Have you seen this NEW FREE pattern from Sinclair Patterns?

Valley knit skater dress with lantern sleeves and other options ...

  I was so honored to be asked to test it and I absolutely love everything about it!  

I just think that Indy sewists and designer are so generous, especially at times like this: when their incomes may be dwindling yet they are gracious and are developing free patterns for their fans.

I really, really wanted to make the lantern sleeve version, but I thought that this gorgeous fabric simply HAD to be what I used for this dress.

How pretty is this, especially if you love super soft, double brushed knits!  This is from Sly Fox Fabrics.  I have never, never been disappointed in anything I've ordered from them.  

And, I am a sucker for a floral, especially a floral with a black background.

This is the fit of the dress with ZERO alterations!  I just love Oxana Sinclair's patterns because the tall sizes fit me so, so well!

I just love this dress.

While my print is busy and it is tough to see all the details, if you look closely you can see there is a waistline detail, banded neclkine, and front/back pleats that make the skirt so twirly at the bottom yet more fitted at the waistline.

I wish I would have twirled a few times for the photos!

I really, really love this print, and I love my shoes with this too!  

Thanks so much for reading! 
If you've never tried a pattern from Sinclair Patterns, the instructions are amazing, the drafting is spot-on, and the designs are so wearable and fun.  Plus, almost every single one of her patterns have several options making them a great value!

Here's the link if you want to check out and order the pattern!

Stay healthy and be well!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

More spring separates

Hello all!  I hope this finds you healthy and safe!  We in the northern plains are experiencing  CoVID19 at a much slower rate than other parts of the country/world, but it is rearing it's ugly head,  

Enough!  No one wants to hear more about this, right?  

My original plans with these two lovely fabrics was to make a super girly dress with a dark slip underneath.  I began working from home recently so that didn't seem practical.  After looking through my patterns, I came up with this combination of patterns to match these two lovely fabrics.  

First, let's talk about the chiffon.  Chiffon used to be a fear fabric for me.  I avoided it at all costs.  However, there are so many lovely, lovely garments made from chiffon that I decided to master some techniques to use it in a way that it works and is no longer fearful.  Why didn't I think of this sooner?  

If you are new to working with chiffon, use a simple pattern.  The one I used is very simple to construct with a looser overall style and I've taken the time to fit it to me so I know it will work.  

Bondi Top Class

See what I mean?  Very simple with clean and classic lines.  

What did I do to make the chiffon work?  I am a HUGE fan of Best Press.  I buy this stuff by the gallon.  I use it after I cut the fabric out on all the rounded edges such as the neckline and hems.  Every seam I press, I use Best Press.  

For the back yoke, I cut two layers, instead of one like the pattern suggests.  

This created a lined yoke which is not only sturdier, but also creates such a pretty finish on the inside.  

I cut  bias tape from the chiffon using a sharp rotary cutter and a ruler. And, I starched that as well.  The curved hemline also has a bias finish.  

Side seams have a french seam finish.  

For the cardigan, It's a super simple sew as well.  I used a lovely ITY knit, again from Fabric Mart.  The pattern I used, is FREE!  It's from Sinclair Patterns and you can find the link here: Sinclair Patterns Harper Cardigan

If you are wondering what it looks like, here's a photo: 

This comes in several lengths as well as sleeve variations.  I made the duster in a tall size.  Oxana Sinclair offers her patterns in petite, regular, and tall.  Since I am 5'7", I love using the tall sizing.  

You'll see more of these cardigans from me!  

 Thanks for reading and I hope this finds you and your loves ones safe and healthy! 


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another floral kimono--McCall's 7790

Hi all!  I hope everyone is well and healthy!  I don't know about you, but if I didn't have a few distractions such as sewing, exercise, and cooking, I think I'd go over the edge right now with the chaos of CoVID19.  But that's not why you are here, right?  

This garment was for my March Fabric Mart post.  The minute I saw this evergreen floral chiffon, I knew I had to have it.  Evergreen is all over the place right now.  It's such a lovely, fresh, and fun color and I so glad that it has emerged this spring!  

See what I mean about a fresh and vibrant color?  Plus, it is a floral and I just love floral prints.

Here's an image of the pattern I used.
McCall's 7790 Misses' Jacket and Belt

I can't even remember the last time I used a pattern from the big 4.  It's been a while.  I chose this because I knew I wanted a longer kimono with some options.  What I didn't realize was is that this is a lined kimono, I had no intention of lining this as I cut it out.  For one thing, I didn't have a suitable lining fabric and 2, I didn't want to put two layers of this together.  So, I did what any adventurous seamstress would do and modified this so that it was unlined and I also modified the bands.  Did I also mention that I modified the hemline? Well, I did.  I didn't want to add all those facings so I eliminated them. I like the result.

I cut the bands on the bias with a rotary cutter and a ruler longer than I needed and then adjusted it so it fit along the front edges and the back neckline. I also added some staystitching along there and used quite a bit of Best Press to further stabilize the edges.  

Basically for this pattern, I used the front and back pieces.  That's it. Since this is a big 4 pattern, I also had to make an FBA and lengthen from the back shoulder to back waistline. 

Yes, I know this is super simple but sometimes you need a sew like that! 

I didn't do much of anything special for this.  I turned the bottom hem twice and topstitched it down. I had the perfect color of serger thread so I used that to finish my edges.  

Here's an inside look at the sleeve bands.  To simplify things, I simply turned the edge to the inside, pressed carefully, and topstitched.  

I hope this finds you well and healthy!  Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Another opportunity to test for Sinclair! Sinclair Alba Jacket

I was so excited to be able to test again for Sinclair Patterns!  I am so smitten with the designs, fit, styles, etc.  
Here's the Alba Jacket.  

I just love that asymmetrical zipper! Those pockets!  That collar! This is my second version and probably my favorite because of my fabric choices.  The main body is a scuba knit from JoAnns that I have had for quite a while.  Glad I saved it for this as I think it makes a fun jacket! The mustard that you can see is from Sly Fox Fabrics. I just love this color and this fabric!  It's a double brushed poly that feels like butter!  The ribbed knit has been in my stash so long, I have no idea where I purchased it.  Does that happen to anyone else?  

I made this twice and the fit changes were very slight from version 1 to 2.  One of the changes to the pattern that I was very pleased about is the top-stitching of the pockets.  If you made the version with the pockets, you'll want to top-stitch so they don't flop around.  

If I make this again, and I most likely will, I'll interface the facing/lining portions, especially when there is a big difference in weights of my chosen fabrics.  This scuba is hefty while the DBP is almost a mid-weight.

Since I love the mustard color peeking out so much, I will most likely wear this with it unzipped a bit.  You would too, right?

Here's the back.  It's rather plain design-wise, which is just fine!

One more view!

This was my first version.  For this one, I again used a scuba, but this one was a lighter weight.

The contrast bands are double-brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics.  I used the same fabric for the lining and facings as I did the body.

While I love both, I am quite smitten with the gray/mustard/white.  There's just something about that fabric that makes me smile.

Thank you for reading!  In case you are interested: 

Affiliate link: 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A new pattern release! Sinclair Lulu

I was one of the lucky gals to test this awesome pattern from Oxana Sinclair.  It's called the Lulu and it is a top, shorts/pants, or romper.  

Here's my version.  I made these as separates.  I remember the 80s/90s where you had to get undressed to use the bathroom if you wore a romper.  Ain't making that mistake again for work clothes!  

This fabric is just amazing!  It is the double brushed poly from SlyFox Fabrics.  It is so incredibly soft!  Plus, that color!!! 

Putting this together was fast!  It doesn't look like a fast pattern though, does it?

This has some very nice details such as the cross-over front, banded bottom, pleats at the neckline, side seam pockets.  

The pleated neckline is constructed so brilliantly! I also love the options of short, long, or no sleeves. I feel like you get your moneys worth with Sinclair patterns! 

Just a parting shot to show you that if you tack the neckline, you won't give anyone a show! 

This pattern is on sale for a bit so click on the link at the beginning of this post!
Happy sewing!