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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Morgan Jeans

It has been a while since I made a classic pair of jeans and I realize how much I missed the process of it all!  Jeans are FUN to create and not that difficult if you have a great pattern to follow.  :) 

I choose the Morgan Boyfriend Jeans pattern by Closet Case Patterns.  If you've been living under a rock, and haven't heard how uber popular the Ginger Jeans are by Closet Case, then you've missed out!  I haven't tried that pattern myself, but the reviews are just amazing with everyone getting great results!  The Morgan is described like this: Featuring a mid-rise, traditional five-pocket construction, contoured waistband, tapered leg and button fly.  Morgan fits snugly through the hip but relaxes and conforms to your curves with a little wear.  Size up for a sloucher, more casual fit.  Choose between a regular or cropped inseam, add an optional leather waistband patch.  

                             Image result for images morgan jeans by closet case patterns

This is my wearable muslin--can you believe the fit I got right out of the gate?  I made only one modification to the pattern and that was to make my usual swayback adjustment.  I did this at the area where the back yoke connects to the back pant leg but only made the adjustment at the center back and tapered to nothing at midpoint.  

With all the Christmas goodies I have been eating, illness, and no time to maintain running or exercise, I found myself between sizes.  I went with the smaller size in hopes that it wan't a poor choice!  Sorry in advance for the butt shot!

Is this denim fun or what?  It has been in my stash for about a year.  I purchased it from Fabric Mart and was waiting for something fun to do with it.  I should note however that the pattern calls for regular denim with no stretch, but I didn't find the stretch had any effect on the overall garment finish.  

I hemmed these as long as I could, given they are designed for a woman that is 5'6".  I am 5'7".  In the cold months I typically wear boots so these would be tucked inside and in the warmer months, I would either have sandals on or roll these up.  I do really like the length.  As with denim, residual shrinkage in the length can occur so I will keep that in mind if these do tend to shrink up.  

I added a few of the fun little details that the pattern mentions--leather patch and rivets. 

The button fly was masterfully designed and super easy to install.  This is my first pair of button fly jeans and it won't be my last!  

For next time, I may size up for that slouchy look, or try the cone denim the pattern calls for that naturally grows as you wear it.  

I had so much fun creating my Morgans!  I hope you'll try this pattern!


Monday, December 19, 2016

Need a waist? Try McCall's 7430

I don't know about you, but the older I get the harder I have to work at eating right, exercising, and such in order to have a waistline.  This time of year is super difficult since everyone I know makes wonderful little yum-yums!  If I don't start on them, I am ok, but if I take one, well the day is blown.  I simply can't resist.

Image result for images McCall's 7430
So, off to try McCall's 7430 which gives you the illusion of a well defined waist!

Image result for images McCall's 7430

Look at those lines!

This is a close-fitting dress that you want a hefty knit for. The black is a beefy ponte I purchased a ton of when Hancock's went out of business last summer and the black/white is a fun textured knit I purchased from Fabric Mart.  I love both of them!

You really want to get a good fit throughout for this to skim the body instead of feeling like a sausage in a casing.  I prefer not to look like, or feel like I am a sausage.  

I made my usual swayback adjustment, FBA, and sloping shoulder adjustment.

I tried this on before hemming the sleeves.  I let them out a bit as I thought they were very slightly short.

Isn't the contrast fun?  It was easy to sew, line up your seam lines, and seems to be well drafted.

I love this dress!  


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Jean jackets for little people!

Have you sewn a jean jacket for little ones?  I had to make this.  I had enough left over red denim from the jacket I made for myself and so next up was this little project.  Kwik Sew 3113.

Kwik Sew Toddlers Jacket & Pants 3113

With Kwik Sew directions, of course they are awesome!  Especially with an older pattern such as this.  And the details!  Can you see all of them? 

Two-piece sleeves, cuffs, three piece front with in-seam front pockets, front flaps, and lower hem band.

Lots of top-stitching make this such a fun project!  

I had so much fun making this!  I added some embroidery from Anita Goodesign and the embroidery collection is Como Se Llama.  


How fun is it?  That silly-looking Llama on the back!

I just love the details of this, oh wait a minute!  I already said that!

 This little jacket size T1, is for a little gal due around the middle of March.  DD1 doesn't want anything too girly or frilly, so this is my attempt to make some fun little garments for her.

Here is a parting shot of the Llama.  She's pretty BA.  

I hope you'll try this pattern.  It is a classic and loads of fun!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What makes a seamstress advanced?

Have you ever thought about how you rate your sewing or crafting skills?  I do all the time!  When I jumped back into sewing after about a 15 year hiatus, I knew I was beyond beginner, and advanced beginner but wondered what new techniques, new fabrics, new fitting issues had arisen due to a 15 year older body so I rated myself as intermediate.

Well, that was almost 5 years ago.  I would say that I have improved in fitting myself and others tremendously.  I would say I've brushed up on some skills I had only partially attempted in previous years.  I have become better at taking risks with fabric and with styles.  I do however still have the occasional flop that's due to either a poor style choice, poor fabric choice, or poor execution due to sloppiness.  Does anyone else occasionally experience this?

But....does that make me an intermediate or an advanced sewist?  I wonder....

Just a note, I am NOT looking for compliments.  I am merely sharing thoughts.  I do know what I will or will not do with my sewing level at the beginning of 2017 on SPR.  I am wanting to know how you all have come to your personal conclusions regarding your sewing ability.

Will you please share your thoughts?

I'd love to hear them!

Happy sewing!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Stacie in RED!

I love red, I love denim, and I love jackets....Can you see what will happen here?  If you guessed a red jean jacket then you were right!  

And here is the pattern I used: 

Trendy jean, denim or woven jacket

This is the Stacie Jean Jacket from StyleArc.  It really is a simple rendition of a jean jacket.  

It was starting to snow as DH took pictures for me.  

I used my typical size 12 for SA patterns with the following adjustments: Swayback adjustment and also sloping shoulder adjustment.  I didn't make an FBA based on how the pattern tissue fit me.  And, I will never, ever, ever button this. 

The sleeves are just right as is the length.  I am 5'7" for reference.  

I used real metal snaps and appled those instead of button holes along the center front.  

At the flap pockets, I used two metal, silver-colored buttons from Joann's.  
I love the look.  I should also state that I used fusible interfacing at the collar, front facings, waistbands, and pocket flaps.  I am really please with how this turned out.  If you follow the directions, cut accurately, stitch and topstitch carefully, you'll end up with a great jacket!  

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Black and gray--not boring!

My go to colors for winter--black, white, and gray...boring? 


It doesn't have to be!  

Even though they could be considered boring by some, consider the pattern on the fabric and the design silhouette before giving your opinion please!  

With the right shape for the fabric and the right execution, black, white and gray can be somewhat exciting if not loads of fun!  That 'spot' that appears to be on the fabric is really not there, that is from the my camera.  I do love how my top-stitching looks on the seams.  I like to use a triple-stitch or a stretch-stitch for most of my top-stitching.  I love how it emphasizes that part of the design.


I choose a sweater knit in black and white that is so soft, so luscious, and so wonderful to work with! I want a pair of pajamas made from this fabric, it is that wonderful on your skin!  

The gray is a crepe with a wonderful texture that you expect from a crepe.  I love how it looks in the jacket I made. 

I used a StyleArc pattern for my jacket.  It is the Allegra jacket and I just think the shape is so much fun and something totally out of the ordinary for me to sew together.

It has very deep raglan sleeves giving it a distinctive look.  The crepe does a great job of showing the dramatic lines of the jacket and doesn't droop which would mask the look.

Isn't this sweater knit so cute?  I totally matched the strips like a boss!  

In order to keep the sweater knit from stretching out, after I staystitched the neckline, I applied stay-tape at that seamline with just about 1/8" extending into the seam allowance.  Next, I applied the neckband which I cut on the cross-grain to give it a bit of a different look.  Check the stretch before you do this to make sure you can pull it on and off over your head.

I used clear elastic at the shoulder seam to stabilize that area.  

To stabilize the hems on the shoulders and lower hemline, I used Sewekeyes hem tape in 1/2" and 1".  That stuff is just magical on stretchy knits.

I made my usual alterations for the dress: swayback adjustment, FBA, and sloping shoulder adjustment.  Based on the way the jacket is designed, I went down a size.  I normally sew a 12 but for this over-sized jacket, I made a 10.  I like how both fit.  

I hope you'll try some basic colors you love for winter in some unconventional shapes and see what you come up with!  I love my new outfit!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A self-drafted tunic

There is so much unselfish sewing going on here that I am the one feeling left out!

DD2 is really into tunics and leggings.  Like mother, like daughter, right?

She has some pretty colorful leggings and she wanted a solid, oversized tunic to wear with them.  This shape and style fit the bill.

If we make another, which we will, she doesn't want the shoulders to extend so much past where the shoulder seam would normally lie.

 I love this on her. We used a poly-lycra knit that's been in my stash for a while.  She's worn it multiple times and received many compliments on it.  I love sewing for myself and others when they LOVE the clothes I've made!

Thanks for reading and have you've ever drafted a pattern from another pattern, a garment, or scratch?  Do tell!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Simplicity 8059

I finally made myself a duster.  I've wanted one forever and I finally took the plunge!  

I used this ribbed knit from Joann's.  It worked well and the quality is okay.  

What I didn't want was a bathrobe-look and I believe I achieved it. 

I like that little gathering in the back that is created from an elastic casing sewn to the inside.  

It gives the garment a bit of shape in the back.  

Here you can see the insides.  The facing is sewn to the front and back with a top-stitch.  I used SewkeyesE hem tape to secure the facing before cover-stitching.  I also cover-stitched the hems.

My only alterations to the pattern were my usual sloping shoulder and swayback adjustment.  With the way this fit, I didn't think an FBA was necessary.  

Here is a pic of the pattern.  
Image result for images simplicity 8059
I made view E.  I wish I had just a smidgen more fabric and I would have made view D.  

This is a quick to put together project.  Stabilize your shoulders and your facings and you'll end up with a great result!

Thanks for reading!