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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Roman shade...more unselfish sewing going on here!

You may remember that last summer I was lamenting that Hancock Fabrics was going out of business.  While yes, I was upset, I scored some incredible deals on home decor fabrics.  I asked DIL2 to pick out fabric for somewhere in her and my son's home and she choose this fun fabric.

I love all the colors and she is a designer so she sees the possibility of a room filled with color.

I used an all-time classic resource that I purchased recently, but let me explain why it is an all-time classic if it is a recent purchase since those phrases don't belong together!!!

When I started out sewing a few decades and was really in the self-teaching mode, I came across this set of books from the Singer Sewing Library.  Well, as the kids grew and my time to sew shrunk, I purged so many items from my sewing stash, including this book.

When I picked up my beloved passion again, I realized I wanted a set of those books again and luckily I found them on ebay.  While styles have changed, the solid techniques have not and these are just such a great reference.  

The illustrations are clear along with the directions.

I used a heavy weight Roc-Lon lining to give the shade an energy efficiency and room-darkening effect.

A ruler and some way to mark the location of your rings is very important.  Another important task is to get the main fabric and the lining to remain together and not shift as that will make the shade hang all wonky.  I used temporary adhesive spray you use to baste quilts together.  

505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive Spray

I highly recommend this stuff!  It is also helpful if you have a large, flat space to spread everything out.  My family room floor was the perfect place for this.  After using 505 spray, I also used safety pins to ensure the layers didn't shirt as I was sewing.

I didn't use ring tape.  I prefer to purchase the rings and my own cording.  Since I make quite a few home decor projects, I purchased the rings and cording in bulk from WAWAK sewing supplies.  It is so much cheaper!

Son #1 and DIL1 loves this new shade.  I am so pleased he loves it so much!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have this book! and it's a real keeper. Love the colors and weave in the fabric, and super nice shade. Nice MIL :-)

  2. I have the whole set of the Singer home sewing books. Can't even count how many times I've used them! Your shade looks great.