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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Stacie in RED!

I love red, I love denim, and I love jackets....Can you see what will happen here?  If you guessed a red jean jacket then you were right!  

And here is the pattern I used: 

Trendy jean, denim or woven jacket

This is the Stacie Jean Jacket from StyleArc.  It really is a simple rendition of a jean jacket.  

It was starting to snow as DH took pictures for me.  

I used my typical size 12 for SA patterns with the following adjustments: Swayback adjustment and also sloping shoulder adjustment.  I didn't make an FBA based on how the pattern tissue fit me.  And, I will never, ever, ever button this. 

The sleeves are just right as is the length.  I am 5'7" for reference.  

I used real metal snaps and appled those instead of button holes along the center front.  

At the flap pockets, I used two metal, silver-colored buttons from Joann's.  
I love the look.  I should also state that I used fusible interfacing at the collar, front facings, waistbands, and pocket flaps.  I am really please with how this turned out.  If you follow the directions, cut accurately, stitch and topstitch carefully, you'll end up with a great jacket!  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Super cute and such a great wardrobe staple

  2. Wonderful! and great color. Perfect for the holidays (and I think red anything is a great statement). I think SA really did a good job with the drafting on their jean jackets. Snow! and I'm sleeveless and in sandals. I miss it every year. But don't miss driving in it.

  3. Love this pattern and it looks great in the red denim.

  4. Love the red! Your jacket turned out great. Lots of snow here in MN this weekend too. Not fun to drive in, but so pretty for Christmas.

  5. Great jacket - looks great for the holidays, but really, anytime!

  6. Such a cute jacket in a great color. Well done!

  7. Beautifully done! Such a great color and style. Now this screams very advanced!