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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Black and gray--not boring!

My go to colors for winter--black, white, and gray...boring? 


It doesn't have to be!  

Even though they could be considered boring by some, consider the pattern on the fabric and the design silhouette before giving your opinion please!  

With the right shape for the fabric and the right execution, black, white and gray can be somewhat exciting if not loads of fun!  That 'spot' that appears to be on the fabric is really not there, that is from the my camera.  I do love how my top-stitching looks on the seams.  I like to use a triple-stitch or a stretch-stitch for most of my top-stitching.  I love how it emphasizes that part of the design.


I choose a sweater knit in black and white that is so soft, so luscious, and so wonderful to work with! I want a pair of pajamas made from this fabric, it is that wonderful on your skin!  

The gray is a crepe with a wonderful texture that you expect from a crepe.  I love how it looks in the jacket I made. 

I used a StyleArc pattern for my jacket.  It is the Allegra jacket and I just think the shape is so much fun and something totally out of the ordinary for me to sew together.

It has very deep raglan sleeves giving it a distinctive look.  The crepe does a great job of showing the dramatic lines of the jacket and doesn't droop which would mask the look.

Isn't this sweater knit so cute?  I totally matched the strips like a boss!  

In order to keep the sweater knit from stretching out, after I staystitched the neckline, I applied stay-tape at that seamline with just about 1/8" extending into the seam allowance.  Next, I applied the neckband which I cut on the cross-grain to give it a bit of a different look.  Check the stretch before you do this to make sure you can pull it on and off over your head.

I used clear elastic at the shoulder seam to stabilize that area.  

To stabilize the hems on the shoulders and lower hemline, I used Sewekeyes hem tape in 1/2" and 1".  That stuff is just magical on stretchy knits.

I made my usual alterations for the dress: swayback adjustment, FBA, and sloping shoulder adjustment.  Based on the way the jacket is designed, I went down a size.  I normally sew a 12 but for this over-sized jacket, I made a 10.  I like how both fit.  

I hope you'll try some basic colors you love for winter in some unconventional shapes and see what you come up with!  I love my new outfit!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the dress! great silhouette for you, fun print - and beautifully sewn.