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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Yet another Rova....

I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing another posting about the Jalie Rova.  This is perhaps my favorite dress pattern of the summer.  This is my third version and I love it as much as my other two!  
Jalie 3678 - ROVA - Pattern Cover

If you've been living under a rock and didn't realize that Jalie released a whole slew of new patterns this past spring, here is the one I keep creating.  With that styling and the fact it is made from a woven just makes my heart sing!

I am so in love with these embroidered denims.  This one was purchased from Fabric.com.  

Which of course means you have to cut this out on the crossgrain.  

This 'denim' is the weight of a chambray--perfect for this style of dress. 

Once again, I made my bias tape using that rectangle method.  So if you've never done this before, you  make a continuous bias tape by sewing the long ends of the rectangle together but you offset them by the finished width of the tape.  Then you cut carefully measuring as you cut.  I ended up with enough tape to bind the neckband and armsyces.

When I was planning the layout of this pattern, I made sure the long portion of the 'lace' was center front and center back.  This of course meant that I was unable to match my side seams.   I also made this slightly longer than my last dress.  That one, I made to hit above my knee, where the quadricep curves towards the inner leg...not sure if that makes any sense, but it hit me about 2.5 inches shorter than this one.  With the lace, I didn't want anyone to get any glimpses of anything I was unwilling to show!

I have a few other ideas for this dress but for now I must put it aside.  I hope I remember what my plans are next spring when it is warm again!

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  1. Every one of your Jalie Rovas makes me want to make one :) Love this style on you. I have a light weight denim much like this one that I bought on sale from Fabricland a couple of months ago. It's so light and cool!

    1. Kathleen, do it! It is such a versatile dress! I love all three versions!