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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer sewing for Elaina! Ottobre 3/2013 # 2

Hello all!  I've been busy sewing for the little people in my life and I've loved every minute of it!

I used my stack of Ottobre design to find a few items to make for Elaina, 3 months.  I can't believe she is three months already!

I really wanted to try the romper for her.  Yes, they made this for a boy and I am sewing for a girl, but really, depending on the fabric, many articles can be either male or female.

Image result for Images ottobre 3/2013

As you can see, it is a one-piece romper with functioning pockets!  DD1 doesn't want things too ruffly and since they live in Baton Rouge, LA, and the temp and humidity is unbearable this time of the year, I knew I needed to make something in a natural fiber (cotton) and have just a garment that is cool and comfortable.

This little pattern ranges in sizes from 56 to 92 cm.  I did some quick math and found that I needed to make a size 62 cm or about 25 inches.  I wanted a bit of growing room so this size fit the bill.

This fabric I choose to use was all that is available for knits in my local area of the US.  It is from JoAnns.  It isn't the best quality, but was 100% cotton, is soft and the colors are cute.  Plus it isn't too girly or fussy.

This pattern literally goes together in about 30 or so minutes.  The longest part of the process is figuring out how much to stretch the trim that is on almost every surface of these that shows on the right side.  Just play with the trim on a scrap piece of main fabric and you'll pretty quickly discover what you need to do to make the trim lay correctly and look good.

I used actual ribbing for the trim.  It's a little difficult to find but this was in my stash from the now defunct Hancocks.  Can you tell I am still in mourning?

I almost left those little pockets off but decided they are such a cute part of the design I had to leave them on.  The DH asked what on earth she would do with those--put her baby car keys in there? Well, duh!

I love the drafting on every Ottobre design I've used.  This was easy to sew and it has a variety of options for either boys or girls.  Plus, little ones look darn cute in this!

Thanks for reading!


  1. And you did a beautiful job on her outfits😀

  2. This is so cute! I remember making this little romper for my daughter!

  3. Adorable! The pockets are necessary...for more cuteness! ;)