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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Valentine slip by Sew Chic

I've had this pattern for ages....and I finally made it using all recycled materials from my stash.  Yay!


Isn't it just gorgeous?  

Have you seen this pattern?


My version is a modification of view A.  I simply left off the lower lace.  I could have added it but decided against it.  

The tricot, or main fabric of the slip was left over from a previous project just as the main bodice lace.  The lace used on the from overlay is from a camisole that I never, ever wore.  Also the straps were from a bra that had lots of life left but fit so poorly that I sacrificed it for this slip.

That back V is such a nice aspect of this design.  

I made a very simple machine hem on this that is somewhat decorative.  

This is a nicely designed pattern and did I mention this fits really well?  The instructions and pattern sheet have an overlay if you need to make an FBA and it works just beautifully!

Sorry I am not modeling this for you.  That simply isn't going to happen!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is lovely, Sue. Beautiful!

  2. That's gorgeous! What a great eye you have for upcycling!