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Monday, July 24, 2017

A disaster for me--McCall's 7591

This pattern...I almost lost all faith in humanity as I sewed it.  I love the shape, the fact it can be made into a knit and I really loved my fabric.  What I didn't love is HOW FREAKING LOW CUT THIS IS!!!  
Honestly, I am very self-conscious even having my pictures of this dress online.  I merely wanted to show you how low cut this is.  My fashion photographer was making some silly comments to me as I modeled this, so ignore some of the goofy looks please!

I can't remember what he said here, but it obviously struck me as funny.  


I should have put a cami on under this.  What was I thinking?  

I do really love the bodice back and the way this snugs up at the armscyes.  At least there is no gaping there!

My intent was to make this into a maxi but I cut the skirt out incorrectly and didn't have quite enough fabric.  I ended up having to piece together the front of the skirt.  It works, but since this is a wadder for me, I will make a note on the pattern.


I had such high hopes for this dress!  This fabric, which is a Maggy London ITY knit, is just so wonderful next to your skin!  Plus it washes, dries, and sews up so beautifully.


I doubt I will sew this again, but I am glad I tried it. And yes, I did make an FBA :(

Until next time!


  1. Could you cut a small fabric panel from scraps to make a cami insert to say this fabulous fabric? Love that color!

  2. And so sorry the pattern surprised you in such s bad way...

  3. This dress actually looks quite good on you, but for the overly exposed cleavage. It would be a shame to wad it. What do you think about inserting a piece of lace into the gap?

  4. I agree with Ann - it's exactly what I was thinking! Sew a pretty piece of lace in there :) you could even drape it in there just tack it on each side and let it drape down the middle to cover the girls :)