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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yet Another Vogue 8950 Tunic...Can't help myself!

I simply HAD to make another tunic, but this time from Vogue 8950.  I truly think this is one of my favorite color blocked tunic patterns.  This doesn't even have to be color blocked and it is still a fav tunic!  I just simply love it that much!  Here's an image from Vogue Patterns site: 

V8950, Misses' Tunic

Agreed?  It's darling!  The fit is fab, the color blocking opportunities are perfect and I love the fit...oh wait, I already said that!  This time I made a short sleeved version and tried to incorporate a detail I've seen in RTW and that is the zippered pocket.

I love the ponte I used for the lower half.  I purchased it from Fabric Mart and it was delightful to work with.  For the upper portion, or that with all the color, I used a knit I purchased from Treadle Yard Goods in St Paul, MN.  Wow do I love that fabric store!  I just wish it was closer than 4 hours away!

Obviously I used the contrast on the front and back upper yokes and the sleeves along with the neckband.  The lower half is all the ponte.  The orange zip is from my stash.  See how much I love orange?  I painted my front door that color!

This is an instant gratification project and wow do I need those once in a while!  I had just completed a time-consuming garment and needed something easy, cute and fast and this worked perfectly!  Since I've made it before, I knew I would need an FBA but with the ponte, I chose to use a cheater's FBA and add 3/8" additional width to the side seam on the front only.  If I had added that amount to the back also, it would have hung weirdly at the underarm seam and that doesn't look good on anyone!

When I added the zippered welt pocket, I followed the directions for creating a welt opening in a knit by interfacing the area, sewing around the opening, carefully cutting the fabric, and then installed the zipper.  Since I didn't want a functional pocket bag or a pocket bag showing through the front of the garment, I merely backed the welt with a rectangular piece of off-white ponte that was the same fabric as the lower half of the garment.

I added a neckband to the neckline, because I like that finish better than folding over and hemming, although if the colorful contrast had been of a heavier weight, I would have tried using my coverstitch at the neckline, but the fabric was rather lightweight and I simply didn't want to use interfacing to help stabilize it so I wouldn't get tunneling.

Here are peeks at my previous versions:

I so LOVE this tunic!  It's such a great pattern and I can see many more versions before retiring it for a while.  I do so thank you for reading and how many patterns do you have that you can't put away for good or a while?

Sue :)


  1. I put this pattern away after my first venture into colour blocking, when i put it on to show hubby he burst into fits of giggles and said "She cannae take much more Captain!!!" Used black on top and burgandy for the bottom. Not a good choice. After seeing your new version i think i'll give it another try and i'll be sure to stay away from star trek colours.

    1. Oh that's an awesome story! I hope you'll try it again, it's just a great pattern!

  2. What a great collection of tops! I had not considered this pattern before, but now I will. I especially like the last one with long sleeves - so dressy!

    1. Thanks Bernice! I like that one a lot too! Actually I love all 3 of them!

  3. I have this pattern on my sewing list for Fall. Looks great I can definitely see myself making a few versions too.