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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eleonore, take 2!

Jalie Eleonore 3461  

I love my first Elenore from Jalie and now here is my review of the 2nd pair I meant to post weeks ago but have finally gotten to!  What took so long?  Well, two silly things actually!

One was the pockets were too low in the back took about 5 minutes to take off and reapply and secondly, I had to get over making this a cropped jean.  I wanted full-length but with the twisting I had at the lower leg, I was just stumped!

Plus, I have been trying to build up my running distance and pushed it too far too fast and now have shin splints and because of this, I swear I've gained five pounds!  These pants are tighter than I remember when I made them!

These are SO comfortable!  The fit is perfect right out of the package and the length is perfect, even if my legs are twisted--more on that later!

Start to finish these took about 2.5 hours.  Not bad!  While this print may be busy, I really like it!  

This is a stretch woven I purchased in January from Fabric Mart.  

Please don't look too closely at my deck flooring.  We are currently painting our house (ourselves) and hope to work on the deck after the painting is done.  

Since the legs are twisted, I merely rolled them up but in the photo below you can see what I mean by them twisting to the front.

This was very perplexing and I took these apart in the legs several times and resewed.  I triple checked I cut them on the grain and I did.  DD1 and I were discussing the twisting and she mentioned that there is an online tutorial on why pants twist and that you need to cut the legs parallel to each other only turned 180 degrees.  Gosh, I hope that makes sense!  

My old dog, he will be 13, was really having issues with me taking photos today and felt he needed to be part of the picture!  Now that I've finally taken photos and my shin splints are better, I can do two things: run tomorrow (yay) and hem these pants to the rolled up length.  :)  

In conclusion, what a great pattern!  I will be making more!!!  Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

Sue & Hobbes!


  1. Hi Sue
    just checked my craftsy classes cause i remember someone telling me all about the twist thing in trousers.It's Kathy Ruddy one pattern many looks class. She is great, I'm not so good. But basically she has you not matching notches, after sewing the inside seam she makes a vertical tuck to show where the other 2 seams should lie, and it is eye opening to see the mistakes that cutting and pinning can make that are so small but lead to all our sewing woes. I was really glad i bought this class before i made trousers or they would have been in the bin.
    Glad i visited Sue, came here to admire your lovely mccalls 6035

    1. Thank you so much mairi! I will have to check out the craftsy class!

  2. Another great pair! I think maybe my failure with the Eleonores must have started with my fabric - very thick, heavy, not much give. I mean, we wear the same size! and yours are wonderful.

    1. Thanks Coco, I think fabric choice is what makes these pants great or not!

  3. So thankful to you for sourcing how to stop the jeans leg from twisting. Your investigations are about to pay off with the Jalie's I'm about to launch into Sue. Thank you so much.
    Great trousers too.

    1. Glad I could be of assistance Velosewer! I can't wait to see your creation!

    2. Glad I could be of assistance Velosewer! I can't wait to see your creation!