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Friday, August 7, 2015

A Little White Dress, cuz everyone needs one!

Before we begin, how about a few inspiration photos?  I love all three of these dresses!  Cute, stylish, fun, and totally open to accessories!  Winter, fall, spring, and cool summer days will work for these!  
              love the dress & buttons, just hate wearing white.

I would change the accessories and make the vest gray, but this dress is gorgeousDo you have a LWD or little white/off white dress?  If so, don't you love it?  If not, get one!

I love the simplicity of all three dresses!  You can accessorize to your heart's content and wear great shoes!

I choose Vogue 9092 for my version:  

You can see from the line drawings there are MANY possibilities!  I made the dress but simply added the sleeves from A and left off the little flappy things for the faux pockets.  This is a very easy custom fit pattern and I really love these patterns!  No guess work on the bust adjustments.  Some brilliant person already did the math and now we get to reap the rewards!

Since I had made this pattern before, and that it is very simple, I decided to make a few changes just so I can continue to improve my sewing skills!

First, I lined the entire thing by cutting white lining fabric I purchased at Hancock's and treating both layers as one.  Do me a favor and don't do this, ever!  What a pain in the butt!  I'm wondering if I should take the entire thing apart and redo the lining.

Other than the addition of the lining and sleeves, I did the same neckband application I used the first go around.  The pattern calls for purchased bias tape that is applied and acts as a facing.  While this can be just fine, I don't like it nearly as well as other finishes and I decided to use the neckband.  This is hand-stitched on the inside to keep it in place.  

Let's talk about all the frustration these darts caused me!  Since I had two layers of fabric and I thought I had so very carefully cut both layers so they were the same size and since I used a mountain of pins to make sure everything stayed put, well, it didn't and these darts caused me to want to burn this thing!  I had dimples at the darts no matter how well I pressed, resewed, etc.  I finally decided to sew the lining darts separate from the main fabric darts and hope for better results and I got just that, better!

The ivory fabric is a suiting from Fabric Mart.  It was a designer fabric and lovely to work with!  It's washable and dryable too!  Yippee!

I guess I should clarify that my dress is off-white, or winter white.  I do plan on wearing this in the fall and winter as the weather allows!  How cute with boots, tights, and a jean jacket!  Are you feeling this like I am?

I think I really like my winter white dress.  It's comfortable, and can be styled up or down with reckless abandon.

Thanks for reading!

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