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Monday, August 31, 2015

StyleArc Lani Woven Tunic

I hope you aren't tired of my review of tunics!  I am so hooked on them!  This one isn't a knit but made from a woven, a linen to be exact, and this is the type of pattern I have been looking for.

From the StyleArc site, here is how the tunic is described: This is a fabulous piece, the design lines make it interesting and the asymmetrical hem line really makes this pattern unique. The tunic length is great over pants as well as a long line skirt.
Gorgeous tunic with asymmetrical design lines and ¾ sleeves

What drew me to this pattern is not only that it is for a woven tunic but look at those design lines! Genius!  I just love them!

I used a linen from Hancock's that was labeled as dry clean only--hogwash was my first reaction and I washed it in HOT water and dried it on HOT--not once, but twice.  It didn't compromise the fabric at all but made all the different colors in the weave stand out.  Glad I did this!  I also included the pocket!

This linen wrinkles just looking at it!  I hope after several washes and dries, it will soften up a bit.  

This is listed as a challenging sew or for experienced sewers.  While I had a few head-scratching moments, it was mostly due to how the directions were written--without the diagram, I would have scratched my head at least a few times!

My first 'huh' had to do with the way the instructions are written in regards to the mitered corner on the front hems.  I had to read it more than once as at first it sounds to me like you are supposed two sew the two mitered corners together...nope.  You sew each one separately.

I am very glad that the pattern pieces have points A, B, C marked so you can easily match up the appropriate notches so this puzzle comes together as it should.  While it does take a few minutes to cut out, I didn't find this challenging at all but if you don't have much sewing experience, this would be difficult.

I think the neckline, shoulders, sleeves, and armscyes are shaped just beautifully and I didn't have to ease the sleeve head at all--it went together so well and so easily I double checked it twice to make sure there wasn't a big tuck somewhere I wasn't aware of!

My only modifications were to taper in the side seams about an inch from the bust to an inch above the hemline and I liked the little bit of a flare there.

I really like this tunic and I love it with my jeans!  It was fun to make and it took about as long to cut out as it did to sew.  I'd like to make this a few more times, perhaps sleeveless or with a long sleeve.  I think it would work well with a stiffer ponte and perhaps may work for color blocking!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful! Very nice fabric, great design. Looks very good on you!

  2. This looks great Sue. Your fabric drapes well for this design. I am thinking of trying this pattern again in a ponte too.

  3. This looks so great, Sue, I love the look and the lines. Great job and you look fabulous

    1. Thank you Lori! That comment made me smile!

  4. Sue, love your tunic. Looks awesome on you. I made this in July using a turquoise linen cotton blend. Right before moving. It's a great pattern.

  5. It looks wonderful. That is the perfect fabric for it! Time for me to move this pattern higher in my sewing queue.

  6. I've just cut out my muslin. There are some negative reviews on Pattern Review and so I decided I'd better make up a muslin. I LOVE yours in this linen.