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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Tunic--Ollie from StyleArc

I can't get enough tunics so I hope all of you never tire of reading about them!  So comfortable, causal, and fun!  Plus, some feel like you are wearing pajamas and I am all about looking professional while feeling like I am lounging in bed or in front of the television.

Here is the StyleArc Ollie tunic.  Quick & simple over tunic

Such a simple pattern and I wouldn't have necessarily ordered it but on the StyleArc site there was a sale on the tunic and fabric combo so I couldn't help myself.  I am such a sewing pushover!

There is nothing surprising nor difficult about this make.  There are nine steps, the first of which is to cut out your pattern.  Step nine is a final press!

 Egad!  The cami is showing here!  Need to tighten up that armhole area!

When I make StyleArc patterns, I typically use a 12 with zero alterations.  I did however make an FBA as I didn't want drag lines ruining the look of my bright coral fabric.  And, I made my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment.

Just a note however when you look at the line drawings...do you see the illusion of waistline shaping?  Well, get over it, there is none!  This is a rather boxy top and I made it as is so you can see the lack of shape.  I will be taking it in at the waistline at least 2 inches and perhaps up to 6.  I will have to see when I get it on my body and pinned in place.

The drafting is impeccable, as usual for StyleArc, no?  I simply love how the neckline is drafted and
then the notches in the pattern help you get the perfect stretch so it lies nice and flat on your chest.  And another note, this neckline is drafted higher than the 'model' drawings lead you to believe.  I may end up taking the neckband off and lowering it but first I will have to take in the waistline and I think the way to alter garments is one step at a time!

Just to give this some pizzazz, I added a decorative stitch on the neckband seam.  This accomplished two things: 1.  Helped the seam stay put and not roll to the outside and 2.  added just a touch of something different.  However I do think I slightly stretched out the back portion of the neckband so should I try this again, I will use some stabilizer there so that doesn't happen again.

I used my beloved cover stitch on the hemline and now I have a very bright, boxy Ollie Tunic!

Thanks for reading and I will try and remember to update this after I take it in!

Sue :)


  1. Sue, great tunic and color. Like how you blog often. I look forward to seeing your blogs.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with this pattern Sue. It is one I have been considering but I was thinking it would have a little more shape. It's a little annoying that Style Arc's line drawings are not always completely accurate. The colour is lovely on you.

    1. Thanks Jean! Yes, I agree--the garments should match the drawings! Very disappointing, but I feel like I am on to them now and will have an easier time determining how it will fit based on the pattern. :)

  3. this is adorable on you. I like Style Arc as well, same size 12, but have only been able to buy a few. The etsy shop helps! The heidi cardigan is on my sewing table and ready to be done for florida's version of fall.