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Monday, August 24, 2015

Jalie, you make me swoon!

I've decided that I need to be much more consistent working out and there is nothing more motivating than making your own unique, colorful, and well-fitting workout wear!  Can I get an AMEN here people???

I was so inspired by Dawn and Two on, Two off and her recent makes that I immediately ordered the patterns and got to work!  She gushed over the Jalie top and pants and now I know why!!!  Both patterns are super cute, functional in the design, shape, and cute (oops, I already said that!) so if you've never sewn workout wear, what are YOU waiting for???

First up, the CORA tights.  Have you ever seen such cute tights?  EVER???

I mean that you don't have to pay at least $75 for?  These take minimal yardage--in fact both pairs were created with left overs from previous makes!  The gray is Nike Dry fit that was in very limited supply at Hancock's, and the pink from Fabric Mart.  The white and black I had in my stash and isn't that yellow/black camo combination just too much?  It was also left over from a previous project. SCORE!

Yeah, my face is red, I had to test these before I reviewed them!  I just finished a four mile run and may I say, these preformed beautifully!

I had a lot of fun trying to figure out where to place the colors based on my yardage available.  :)

Let's talk construction shall we?  I used my serger and with super stretchy knits I do believe it is a must.  Jalie however does walk you through how to successfully sew these bad boys with a regular machine.  I think I am just to spoiled having my Bernina serger to even try a garment without it.

Jalie's instructions for this are really dynamite.  Every step have a visual and a succinct text to match. I did something super, well let's just say downright dumb, silly and sewed the gusset on at the inseam instead of the crotch and couldn't for the life of me figure out why there was a weird bump and how I would attach the leg bands.  So much for having a glass of wine while sewing!!!  After taking it apart and realizing I was not thinking at all, I rolled on the floor laughing at what a ding-dong I am!  So, taking apart and reattaching the gusset where it needed to be took about 10 seconds flat--not kidding!

What I think is such a nice surprise is the little pocket on the caboose side of the pants were little running essentials hide out.

I also love how the elastic is attached--it is completely hidden in the waistband!  After sewing both layers, you attach the elastic to the seam, stretching it to fit and it is all hidden nice and cozy like.

Now for the top--isn't it just dang cute?  I love the styling, the fit is superb and it has a darn cute little back pocket at well!  

When I was tested the top today I didn't have anything rubbing, scratching, binding, biting, or really even move out of place.  My phone rested in the top's back pocket and it didn't jiggle at all--which I must say I was a little concerned it would.  

Here's a peek inside the top so you can see how it is constructed.  I think this is pure genius!
 I love both sets of my running clothes and now I look forward to wearing them!

Thanks for reading!  I can't wait to make the full length tights!



  1. Ooooh, love your new workout wear, very nice Sue! I may need to buy those patterns right away.

    1. You'll love the patterns Ginny! They are awesome and fun to put together!

  2. These are great! I really appreciate the photo of the inside of the top so we can see the support part. Do you think if I make these I will be able to run four miles?!! Ha!

    1. Thanks Julie, I like seeing the insides of garments so I thought others might too! :)

  3. These are very impressive- so much like RTW. I love the pocket- very ingenious!

    1. Thanks Ann! I think that how much they resemble RTW is what really drew me to the patterns.

  4. I had no idea that the Jalie tights were drafted as a pair of shorts, too! These are so awesome! The top is really terrific, too.

    1. Thanks Kathy! This is a really great set of patterns! I know you make your own running gear as well, so i highly recommend you try these!