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Friday, June 13, 2014

Vogue 8774 Really colorful pants!

I had to make this Vogue pants/jeans pattern again.  I had so much fun the first time and have worn those pants numerous times, so I went to the drawing board again and pulled this beautiful but bright and busy fabric from my recent purchase.  I am sure DH thinks these will glow in the dark they are so bright, loud, and colorful but I don't care.  Floral pants are everywhere and with salmon/coral being my all time favorite color, I went for it and made them.  He can walk behind me if necessary.

From cutting out to sewing on the hook and eye closure, it honestly took me only about 3.5 hours to make these. Not sure why they whip up so quickly other than this is probably the best fitting, most well written pattern I have used for jeans.  Nothing needed ripped out, redone, or resewed.  I even added a few topstitching embellishments within that time frame I mentioned earlier.

Cutting out I started with a 16 but with my fabric I graded to a 14 in most places, particularly the legs.  If I didn't mention it earlier, I made view A or the straight leg version.

In case you are wondering this is a printed twill/denim from Emma One Sock.  It washes and dries beautifully.  I didn't attempt to match the pattern repeat.  I just didn't have enough yardage for that nor did I think it would add to the design.

I only added one row of topstitching in all the places shown on the pattern directions just because I didn't want anything to take away from the beautiful fabric and I felt like a double row of topstitching would do that.  It didn't help that I used black thread for my topstitching.  I didn't have the right color coral to match the fabric and I had already been to the fabric store twice in two days.  I just wanted to settle in and sew.
BTW, I am very happy with how my fly topstitching looks.  :)  I did however topstitch along the inner and outter leg seams along with the center back seam or butt of the pants. 

I plan on wearing these pants rolled up.  I am 5'7" and the pants hit me a little short to wear uncuffed so I need to remember to lengthen these when I make them for cooler weather.  I totally plan on this pattern becoming my TNT jeans pattern.  The fly goes together so well and you don't have that annoying gap that shows glimpses of the zipper.  Vogue solved that little issue with this pattern.  Yay!  Speaking of pattern strengths, I like how the waistline hits you at the top of my hip bones, about 2.5 to 3 inches from my natural waistline.  This is the perfect place for comfortable pants to sit--not too high, nor too low.

I like the little details as well with the watch pocket and the optional topstitching design you can incorporate onto the back pockets.  I added the watch pocket but didn't add the embellishment on the pockets.  Next time, I just might!  

All in all, I love my pants.  I wore them all day today and found them extremely comfortable, colorful, and fun to wear.

Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. I love your fabric. Your jeans look great.

  2. Lovely bright and cheerful pants, perfectly paired with your black top. Great work.

    1. Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun making and wearing these. With the rainy, dreary summer we are having, bright and cheerful clothes are a must!

  3. These pants are just brilliant! Beats boring black pants anyday ... J

    1. Thanks Judith! I agree, boring and black are just so plain! Sometimes you need so color!