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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Named Clothing--Kanerva Button Back Peplum Blouse

 How cute is this little top from Named?  This is their Kanerva Button Back Peplum Blouse.  I ordered this pattern yesterday, downloaded it, and had it taped together in about an hour.  What I really love about this download is that you can choose which size you want  to print rather than have a range of sizes from zero to 14 in one.  I mean, I will never be a size zero, so why should I have to mess with it?  I printed off the size range I wanted and am very happy I only had two cutting lines to deal with and sort out.  :)   

This pattern in rated as either simple or average depending on if you add the peplum or not.  I don't think the little skirt on the top added to the difficulty at all.  In fact, I would rate this entire pattern as simple.

So back to the download.  This was an environmentally responsible download.  There were 12 pages and the pattern pieces overlap one another.  After taping together, which went very smoothly as everything lined up perfectly, I used pattern tracing cloth that I purchased at either Joanns or Hancocks and using a permaenet marker (sharpie?) drew all my lines and markings necessary.  Next came choosing fabric and I choose this pretty little blue and white number from my stash.  Actually, this was a recent addition.  It is a vintage find from an antique store not too far from my home.  Since it was only 36" wide and I had only two yards, I had to shorten the sleeves, which is okay by me for this version.  I think it is fun to use vintage finds once in a while as I can't imagine how some of the dresses were made.  This fabric is from the 1940's!  It was in beautiful condition but as you can imagine a little fragile.  I will tell you how I managed that in a bit.

After cutting out and beginning to sew, I did pause and read the directions.  They were clear and concise and there was a great deal of helpful information if you are a beginning seamstress.  I found the actual steps to creating the top clear and concise.  The visuals are helpful as well.  I do believe there is one mistake as far as the visuals are in step five.  The task is to sew the back waist darts on the top but the image shows the bust dart.  If you are new to sewing, you may wonder where the heck that dart is that you are supposed to be sewing!

Other than your fabric, you need very little else to complete this top.  One inch strips of the length of the top is needed of fusible interfacing as well as six button closures.  Luckily I had all this stuff in my stash including the matching snaps I used instead of buttons--yippee!  I just needed a few hours to sew today not another run to the local fabric joints for a few measly notions!

Ok, so here is what I modified from the original pattern.  Oh, and isn't it cute?  Remember when I mentioned my fabric was a little fragile?  Well, while handling the fabric's cut edges, they tended to fray quite a bit so instead of turning and hemming the neckline and sleeve hems, I cut bias bands of the tiny bit of self fabric left over and serged that to the edges, turned those and topstitched about 1/8 inch from the seam.  It feels much more secure that way to me, especially as I continued to handle it.  Also, the directions didn't mention staystitching the neckline but I thought it was necessary so I added that step as well prior to attaching the neckband.  Instead of using buttons, I did use plastic snaps and my Kam snap pliers to set them and am very happy with the results!

So, I like the result of this little top.  The button up back is darling and the peplum is so sweet and cute.  There is enough ease that I can slip this on and off over my head without having to use the snaps--another like!  Everything went together well and I can't wait to try this in a beautiful floral cotton I purchased from Emma One Sock.  I did measure the location of the snaps prior to putting them in and feel like the bottom most one needs to be a tad lower so it more closely matches the model.  I will hopefully remember that for next time!

Thanks so much for reading my post!


  1. What a cute blouse! THe color is so pretty on you. And a great use for that beautiful vintage fabric. I am so happy to see vintage fabric used than to be wasting away in an antique store, or in someones basement or attic.

  2. What a sweet top! That's an interesting pattern & nice to use the vintage fabric.

    1. Thanks Beverly! I appreciate your nice comment!

  3. This is a very pretty top Sue, and the fabric is gorgeous. Such a fresh look with your white pants.

    1. Thanks so much Margy! I am really happy with it too!