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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Burda 7250 Take 2!

After making my khaki pants, I realized I had to make a  floral pair just like this picture I posted above.  How cute are these?  I simply love them!  

I ordered fabric from Emma One Sock and it arrived just in time to make another pair of Burda 7250.  This is the first time I've ordered from this site and it won't be the last!  My fabric came in individual packages that had tissue paper inside, sort of like when you buy a garment from a better clothing store or department store.  Well, one of the fabrics was this adorable linen print.  I had to make these pants again!  

These look a little wrinkled and they are.  We just got back from church and I had DH snap some pictures.  

Burda doesn't give much of a description for this pattern other than semi-fitted.  There is a view A and B.  The only difference is that B has a stripe of other fabric, ribbon, or what have you down the outer leg seam.  I choose view A. I purchased 2 yards of this almost 60" fabric and have a little bit left over, perfect for the cuffs or inside stand of a collar.

I think my finished garment looks quite a bit like the pattern envelope.  I did make a couple of changes which I will highlight below. 

Love the styling.  The front pleats are different.  The ankle length cuffed pants are darling, perfect for showcasing cute shoes!  If you are tall, you may want to check the length.  I am 5'7" and I wouldn't want these any shorter for ankle-length.      

I like the fit of these pants. They are very comfortable to wear.  I made very few changes to the pattern straight out of the package.  More on that later. 

Dislikes: Since this is my second time making this pattern, I worked out my dislikes which were the back waistline being a little too big which you can see here in my khaki pair.  Part of the problem was that I used a pretty stiff interfacing for this and also reduced the waist in the back by about a 1/2".  It helped tremendously!  

Directions:There are 25 steps to these pants including putting the ribbon/fabric trim on the outer seam.  The fly is super easy and isn't a true fly but works great for this pattern.  I know that many reviewers remark that Burda's directions are minimal, and they are, however I read through every word and found them to be clear, concise, and the visuals helpful. If you have some sewing experience, you can put these pants together with few, if any problems! 

1. This time I lowered the waistline but about 3/4".  I'm still not sure this is where I want the waistband to hit, but it is comfortable and on me about 2 inches lower than my waistline.   
2. I added a welt pocket on the right for aesthetics only.  It is a true pocket and I doubt I will use it but I didn't want a plain back.  My derriere is too flat for that!    


3.  Because my fabric is a little lighter in weight, I attached stay-tape to the crotch seam just to help keep them from splitting when I move around a lot.  Does anyone have any ideas for using a lighter-weight fabric for pants?  What do you do?  
I enjoyed making these pants so much!  I cut them out and put them together in about three hours.  The zipper insert is super easy.  I love the cute cuffs and the pleats are great.  I think I am in love with my new pants and so glad I made a cute floral pair.  I hope you'll try this pattern.  I love it!  DH thinks these are super loud.  What do you think?  

Thanks for reading!Sue


  1. I think they are great and because you gave used a neutral floral colour scheme they are not loud at all

    1. Thanks Janine--I thought they were pretty neutral myself but when DH said they are loud I was a little shocked!

  2. Another great pair of pants Sue. You are on a roll.

    1. Thanks Jean Margaret! Pants are fun!

  3. I had to come over from patternreview to look at your pants some more. The fit is perfect, and I just love that fabric! I'll be looking for some like it! Great job on these pants.

    1. Thanks so much KarlaB! I appreciate your kind words!

  4. I love the floral fabric jeans you made. Nice work.

    1. Thanks so much! If you like making pants, try this pattern!