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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sewn Square One for Your StyleGo Anywhere Dress!

How cute is this simple little dress?  Very, if you ask me!  I am so glad I tried this pattern.  After seeing so many cute reviews on SPR, I had to buy it and I'm glad I did!  Here is my review for this little dress.  Here is the pattern description from the pattern back: Go Anywhere dress is a fitted dress, tunic, or top with sleeveless, short of long sleeved options.  Flattering princess seams curve into the side seams.  Optional pleated patch pockets follow front curved seams.  Back zipper closure.  

When I purchased the pattern I was pleased that all sizes from XXS to XL were in one envelope.  

Based on my bust measurement, I started with a large.  I love how this fit!  It was so simple to put together and all the notches and other markings matched up perfectly.  There is an extensive guide for how much yardage you need based on the many options you have based on sleeve length and overall length of the garment.  There are also options for with or without pockets.  

There are eleven pages of instructions, but please don't let that intimidate you!  The directions are thorough and written for a beginner.  Cutting instructions alone take up three of the eleven pages.  Any beginner should be able to purchase this pattern and achieve success.  If you have never put in a zipper, the directions are clear for putting in that as well.  I decided to put in an invisible zipper.  I just like them better, especially on lighter weight fabrics such as this linen I used that was purchased from Fabric Mart. 

 I just love this color.  It is one of my all-time favorites.  Too bad that this fabric wrinkled even while hanging up!  I washed and dried it twice using hot water and a hot dryer hoping to soften it up and get the wrinkling sort of under control but my efforts were in vain.  When you look at the skirt portion of the dress, it looks as if I sat for quite a while but I didn't.  I only put it on and walked outdoors to have DH take pictures.  Ugh.  Linen is supposed to wrinkle, right? 

I did try and put the pockets on the dress but didn't like them with this fabric.  I think for a fabric with more texture or variation in color, the pockets would add an interesting design element.  

All in all, I like this dress and how it fits.  I used my typical 1/2" swayback adjustment but as you can tell from the photos, I need to increase that just a bit.  I didn't have to make an FBA--yay!  But I would like to to add just a 1/2" or so to the shoulder seam as I feel like I need just a smidgen extra fabric there. My only other small adjustment for future garments would be to modify the neckline facing.  My fabric is not opaque and with the proper undergarments, you'd be able to tell.  Next time, I will modify the neckline so it is looks more like RTW.  

I highly recommend this indy pattern.  The strength of this dress is the princess seaming and the fit.  I think the pockets have a great deal of potential, but I will most likely leave the little pleating detail off those.  The length is great and with the variations, it seems to be an all around versatile pattern.  I am so pleased with my dress--except for how much my fabric wrinkles!  Next time, I will pick a less wrinkly fabric and create this again!  

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  1. This is on my wish list. Super cute!

  2. This is just lovely Sue. The fit is spot on and it has a lovely shape. That colour really suits you too.

    1. Thanks so much Margy! I really love this dress!

  3. Hi Sue, I know I'm a few years behind, but I ran across this dress surfing Pattern Review. I saw you made it, and since I enjoy and trust all your reviews, I came over to your cool blog. I have a question....You mentioned the neck facing, and wanting to change it so it is more rtw. What do you mean by that?