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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vogue 1315 Rebecca Taylor Dress

Here is the pattern description that you can barely make out above: Loose-fitting, dress (semi-fitted through bust) has double-layer neckband with raw edge finish, blouson bodice, elastic, seamed waist, side front pockets, front bleats and stitched hems. 

This dress doesn't take too much fabric, for a size 12 just 2 1/4 yards.  Maybe that is due to the scandalous length it is!

This calls for moderate stretchy knits only such as lightweight jersey, matte jersey, silk jersey. 
You really do need a light weight knot for this, mine isn't as light as it needed to be.  :( 

I believe my finished dress looks quite a bit like the pattern envelope. 

I used a yummy ponte from Marcy Tilton.  It is such a pleasure to sew with a quality knit!  I do think it is heavier than the pattern intended, but it is a done deal now. 

So what did I like/dislike about the pattern?  This is an easy yet fun pattern.  The front pocket detail is just too cute and so very clever!  I can't believe I am saying this but the raw edges on the neckline is just fun!  My fabric however didn't roll and curl like the pattern photo, but I still like the look.  My fabric is flat black on the reverse, so I played that up by using the solid black as one of the necklines. 
No dislikes, except it is scandalously short!!!!

This pattern is rated as easy, and yes, it is easy.  The instructions and diagrams are well done. 

What did I change?  Well, I did my usual 1/2 sway back adjustment which isn't really visible with the blouson top.  I lengthened the skirt by 3.5 inches and wish I would have had more fabric to eek out a few more inches.  I plan on wearing this dress with tights and boots, so I think I will be okay. 
Since I used a solid black for the second neckline, I decided to play that up on the sleeve hems and also the length.  I simply cut strips, serged them to the hem with right sides together, turned the seam to the inside and then ran a topstitch on the outside.  I can't believe I am typing this, but in addition to leaving the neckline edges raw, I also left the sleeve and lower hem raw as well! 
I felt like the skirt was too baggy, but that may be due to my fabric choice.  So, I made the pleat longer and wider in front (1/2 inch on each side and also 2.5 inches longer) to take up some of the extra ease.  Next, I made three small pleats on the back waist edge that are about 1/4 inch wide and 2 inches long, tapering to nothing. 

I eeked out this dress with just under 2 yards of fabric and am pretty pleased with the result.  It is super comfortable and I like it.  DH thinks the pattern envelope resembles nothing that a 50 year old should be wearing so we had a brief discussion about pattern alterations....it was brief since he tuned me out after the first 50 or so words of the explanation.  :)

I highly recommend this pattern and may try it again in a lighter weight that will fit the fluid style more. 

Have fun, but measure the skirt length!


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