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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kwik Sew Vest 3731

Here is a vest I created some time ago and realized I didn't review it! 
This is for a super easy, stylish, and fun furry vest. 

Yes, it is rather straight and shapeless, but that is what belts are for, right? 

I really like the scarf and hat, but haven't dived into those yet. 

Pattern Description for the vests are: Vests are lined and have no closure.  View A vest has V-neckline and View B best has round neckline.  Description for the hat and scarf is: Hat is lined and has elastic on inside.  Scarf is lined and has an opening in one end for other end to slide through. 

Fabrics: designed for fake fur, fur, berber fleece. 

Sizes: XS to XL are included in one envelope. 

I made view B in a size medium.  This is loose fitting, so I highly recommend measuring before cutting out your fabric. 

What did I like?  Man, this is an easy and fast fix if you want something to whip up quick.  I love the burrito method of sewing in the lining to the vest.  There are so few steps in these directions that you really want to keep flipping the direction sheet over to make sure you didn't miss anything. 
Dislikes?  Nothing about the pattern.  I would have liked to make something a little more fitted, but when I ignore the shape of pattern pieces and cut anyway, it is my own fault, right? 


Fabric used: I have to say, I don't remember where I purchased the giraffe-like faux fur.  It is just the right weight, not too heavy, not too light.  It sewed and cut great.  No dislikes at all! 

Modifications?  I didn't make any other than my usual 1/2" sway back modification.  I pinch out 1/2 inch at the back waist line and taper to nothing at the side seam.  If I do create this again, I will consider raising the armholes.  I think they are a little large and loose. 

Recommend to others?  You bet, especially if you want instant gratification and had a super fun furry type fabric. 

Conclusion: This is super easy, fast, has great directions (both written and visual) and is fun!  If you want something with a little more shape, taper in the waist line.  It won't be difficult at all to make this modification. 

Thanks for reading!

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