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Monday, July 16, 2012

Version 2 Vogue 8817

Not one for repeats, I decided I had to repeat this Katerine Tilton top.  This is part of a creation I started when I was at Katherine's workshop titled, Beyond the Arty T held in Minneapolis the weekend after the 4th of July.  What fun!  DD1 stated I needed to give more information on the screen printing process, so here goes! 

For this go around, I decided on view C.  You can see the version I adapted here: Katherine Tilton top

Here is the description from the back of the envelope I copies and pasted from Vogue's website:
Close-fitting, pullover top has neck binding, seam detail, stitched hems, contrast variations, and optional double needle topstitching and silk screen motifs. A and B: sleeve bands. B:lower front cut on crosswise grain of fabric. D: purchased trim. Note: included are Katherine Tilton's instructions for silk screening.
FABRICS: For Two-Way Stretch Knits: Cotton/Spandex, Rayon/Spandex, Nylon/Spandex. Contrast A,B,Contrast C,D 1,2: Sheer Knits.

When I started putting this top together, I didn't have any stretch lace, nor could I find any where I live, so I couldn't incorporate that into my design.  Should I decide to create this for a third time, which I might, I will have to use lace somewhere!  It is so pretty with it! 

Fabric used: Cotton/bamboo blend.  Super soft, super light weight, beautiful color! 

Directions: the directions for this pattern are really excellent.  There are tips from Katherine on screen-screening your top!  The pattern is well-drafted and everything fits together very well. 

What did I change?  My changes were based on a few bone-head moves I made that caused me to have to make a few changes.  My changes have nothing to do with the pattern!  Just wanted to make that clear! 

Ok, so here was my plan.  I cut out the lovely blue bamboo/cotton blend I had enough of to fit the pattern.  After cutting out the pieces, I decided to use three different screen prints on the front lower bodice only.  I layered the colors starting with the copper color.  I love the combination of the copper and blue, it looks great!  Next, put on the emerald green and used that color rather sparingly.  I lastly used the redish-purple.  When you use screens for the first few times it is easy to get carried away and use way too much paint.  Start slow, you can add more, but overkill is simply overkill!  Next I decided I needed another color of fabric to complement the screen print so I found the coppery colored knit at Treadle Yard Goods in Minneapolis.  Relief!  As I began playing with the top, I decided to put just a hint of color in the form of piping along the front bodice piece.  After I got that piece stitched on, I thought it was too much so I merely trimmed the piping close to the seam line on the right side, yes, you read that correctly and I typed it correctly....the right side of the top.  I toned it down a lot! Next, I put the remainder of the top together but realized I couldn't find the back lower top and was running periously close to not being able to finish this top when I realized that I could piece the back together and top stitch the seam so it looked to be on purpose rather than an accident.  Whew, disaster averted!
Lastly, it has been so blasted hot and I sewed one sleeve incorrectly, so I hacked off the lower sleeve portion and decided to go with short sleeves.  Instead of hemming this with a traditional hem, I used some of the coppery fabric and cut 2 inch strips, folded them in half and serged in place.  I pressed the seams towards the top and edge stitched twice. 

What did I like/dislike? 
I really like the styling.  I believe it looks great on a variety of people and a variety of fabrics.  This can be dressed up/down as much as you'd like! 
No dislikes, other than I should have used a more substantial fabric--my fault! 

I highly recommend this pattern if you want something a little different to wear.  I like view C, but I think I will get more use out of the two shorter tops on the pattern.  This top fits well and offers itself to a great deal of creativity no matter how adventerous you are!

Have fun with this pattern!  I sure did!  suggestions for what to wear this with will be much appreciated!
Thanks for reading,

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