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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Katherine Tilton Vogue 8817

Not one for repeats, I decided I had to repeat this Katerine Tilton top. I have created it once before with this same view, but feel like I have a completely different look!  Wow, I think I need to repeat patterns more often! 

For this go around, I decided on view B. You can see the version I adapted here: Katherine Tilton top

Here is the description from the back of the envelope I copies and pasted from Vogue's website:
Close-fitting, pullover top has neck binding, seam detail, stitched hems, contrast variations, and optional double needle topstitching and silk screen motifs. A and B: sleeve bands. B:lower front cut on crosswise grain of fabric. D: purchased trim. Note: included are Katherine Tilton's instructions for silk screening.
FABRICS: For Two-Way Stretch Knits: Cotton/Spandex, Rayon/Spandex, Nylon/Spandex. Contrast A,B,Contrast C,D 1,2: Sheer Knits.

When I started putting this top together, I realized that for some silly reason, I didn't purchase enough fabric.  ARGH!  It isn't like I could just go get more as I purchased this fabric when I was in Minneapolis, which is four hours away!  Sometimes when you are faced with a sewing problem, it forces you to be more creative than you may have been.  I am pleased with my end result.   

Fabric used: Graphic knit from Treadle Yard Goods in Minneapolis.  The coordinating solid was also purchased at Treadle.   

Directions: the directions for this pattern are really excellent. There are tips from Katherine on screen-screening your top! The pattern is well-drafted and everything fits together very well.

What did I change? My changes were based on the fact I simply didn't purchase enough fabric.  So, I decided to freelance a design on just one sleeve of the top.  I couldn't find any sort of screen print, stencil, or found objects to recreate the design with paint so I freelanced.  I used some thin pressing bars and portions of two foam stamps.  The rest I free handed.  Paint was purchased at Dharma and I highly recommend it if you like to embellish your garments--either out of necessity, or simply to add whimsy and a fun twist!  


What did I like/dislike?
I really like the styling of this pattern.  I believe it looks great on a variety of people and with variety of fabrics. This can be dressed up/down as much as you'd like!  Any of these tops just scream for embellishments, creativity, and a variety of textures and fabrics.  I can't imagine using just one fabric on this top!   

I highly recommend this pattern if you want something a little different to wear. I like all the views, and this is the second time I have made view A.  Now, if the weather would just cool down so I can wear it! 

Have fun with this pattern! I sure did! 
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  1. I so love this! It was definitely one to repeat.

    1. Thanks so much! I am glad I repeated it as well. Now if the weather would cool down about 30 degrees, I would wear it! Not that I am wishing for fall, but the cooler weather is sounding nice!

  2. That's brilliant. Your work with the fabric paints is great.