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Monday, July 16, 2012

Amy Butler Cabo Halter

This is such a cute and easy to construct top made of any type of woven fabric you can imagine!  This was Amy Butler's first apparel piece and wow is it a great one! 

Here is the description: simple and breezy, casual or dressy.  A simple halter with refined lines to enhance the romance of warm weather!  What isn't included is my description of the pattern: simple tie neckline, unlined halter top with back invisible zipper and fitted bodice. 

Size: I made a medium and feel the top runs true to size. 
All you need to sew this top is a bright and cheery fabric that is light to medium weight, an invisible 12 " zipper, and thread.  No interfacing is required! 

What I love about Amy's instructions are that a very beginner could pick up this pattern and experience success.  Illustrations are very complete along with the written directions. 

I like this pattern.  It was a little low for me neckline wise so I fixed that by inserting a coordinating fabric piece in the neckline to raise it to a more modest level.  That was the only thing I changed about the pattern! 

I used a 100% yummy cotton I purchased from either Fabric Mart or Fabric.com a while back.  I have had the pattern for quite some time and debated whether I was 'too old' to get away with wearing this.  I decided that since my arms aren't too embarrisingly low-toned I could indeed wear it in public.  Besides, it has been unusually HOT here (along with most of the US, I know) and why can't I also be comfortable? 

So, here is my top.  I wore it to a picnic and was told I look great!  Now, how is that for boosting your confidence?  Sorry, but I simply can't figure out how to rotate the pictures.  I have them saved in a rotated manner, but when I copy them onto this website, they rotate back.  Argh! 

Thanks for reading!


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