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Monday, July 16, 2012

I LOVE this top!  Here is a photo of the pattern envelope: Katherine Tilton top
This is such a versitale pattern.  I was at a sewing workshop hosted by Katherine Tilton over the weekend and saw about 5 different versions of view C/D of this pattern and each was so very unique and gorgeous! 
Here is my rendition.  This top is my wearable muslin.  I used an ITY knit from Fabric Mart.  I love the print, but it was so thin it was honestly difficult to work with as it rolled so much!  Keep that in mind as you read through my couple of struggles! 

This top is close-fitting, pullover tops A, B, C, D have neck binding, seam detail, stitched hems, contrast variations, optional double needle topstitiching and silk screen motifs.  A, B, sleeve bands.  B: lower front cut on crosswise grain of fabric.  D: purchased trim.  Katherine's instructionsf ro silk screening are included in the pattern. 

I used view B.  I already have view C cut out and ready to go! 

As I said before, I used a rather thin knit.  I love purchasing fabric on-line, but with knits it is tough as you can feel how thick they are! 
Ok, so here goes!  This is a great design.  I love the styling and honestly, you can make this top very fitted at the top of the bodice and then loose and flowing in the waist and skirt area for views C and D. 

For my rendition, here is what I changed:
I shortened the sleeves simply by leaving off the contrast bands.  I also used seam tape at the shoulders, back yoke and neckline.  I originally hemed the sleeves and lower edge of the top and hated how it looked so I ripped it all out and get ready for it--decided to leave the edges raw!  Only a few minutes passed before I decided this was a horrible idea as the fabric was sort of splitting at the raw edge.  So, I found some of the black stretch fabric that a new sewing friend offered and I sewed a strip to the hemlines on the sleeves and lower edge.  I think it gives the top a rather edgy-look. 

So, I have another top cut out and ready to go that I have screen printed and found the perfect contrast fabric at a shop in Minneapolis called Treadle Yard Goods.  They have a wonderful selection of knits that are not only lovely but feel to be quite good quality wise. 

Conclusion: This is such a cute and flattering top on a variety of body types.  You can make it as funky as you'd like with screen prints, embrodery, fabrics, etc. 

Thanks for reading! 


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