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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A new coat! Butterick 6423

This coat pattern is getting a lot of attention....look at how cute it is!  This is Butterick 6423

I love everything about it.  Here is the description from the back of the pattern envelope: Very loose-fitting lined coat has front shaped princess seam with pocket, curved gusset under arm, lower back seam with pleat.

I choose to highlight some of the design elements, especially the shaped front seam that extends into a pocket!  How clever!  Actually, that is my favorite detail....

I used a heavy wool coating I've had in my stash for quite some time, years actually!  This past Christmas, my two beautiful daughters challenged me to actually sew from my stash--now that's a novel concept, huh?  We agreed to not purchase a single thing in order to complete this challenge--which lasts the entire month of January.  While I am happy with many of the makes I've made, I know to make a dent in my stash, I have to extend this...at least until March!  Do you think I might have a bit of a problem?  I am however very happy that I finally sewed up this fabric.  And, I made a very colorful lining with a floral 100% silk that I've also had for several years.  I think this coat is a match made in heaven for fabrics!  

Construction of this coat is straight forward.  My only deviation from the instructions was when I inserted the leather piping I used...yes, this was also from my stash!  I decided to sew together the piping, insert the piping on the princess seam, and then proceed with the directions.  If I was a brand newbie, I would wait before trying this coat, despite the 'easy' rating.  There is a lining to insert, inseam pockets, lots of hand sewing, etc.  Make sure you have a bit of experience before you try this pattern.  It isn't difficult, but it does require a bit of precision and there are a lot of steps.

Fitting this coat is a bit of a challenge, and I could have done better...I may end up taking it apart a bit...or I may end up just enjoying the easy fit.

I made a sloping shoulder adjustment along with a swayback adjustment and that's it.  I looked at the finished measurements for the bust area and decided it should fit fine and it does.  

With this big old collar, I highly recommend under-stitching it all the way around until you get to where the collar roll stops.  Since my wool is so very heavy, I decided to topstitch 3/8" from the edge. 

This was a fun coat to make, and I received some nice compliments today about it.  Isn't it great when someone comments on your me-made makes?  

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  1. Sue, from a former Minnesotan, I love your coat for 5e delicious color, and the warmth it will provide. Your details are wonderful, you did a magnificent job sewing and styling this!

  2. Oh, this coat! I'm in love! As I currently live in a state that is cold many months out of the year, I hesitated about this coat only because it only has a one button closure! I could feel myself getting cold just looking at it. But I've seen so many lovely version - and now yours! That I think I need to add it to my sewing to-do list. Such a great color to wear during the winter months.

  3. Great coat, I have that pattern but wasn't sure it would suit me.
    You might find https://sewjourners.net/2018/01/02/stash-shrinker/ helpful, its an excel sheet to help you track purchases vs what you've sewn and it can be a bit of an eye opener.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to eat into the stash. I have been doing that too. Your coat is very pretty!

  5. What a lovely coat! I especially love the color on you. And the lining is very fun. What a good feeling it must be to be using fabric you have on hand as well.

  6. Wow! love the color, beautiful sewing and details.

  7. Very cute Sue, and I love the lining. I am also working hard to sew a dent into my stash. It’s really gratifying and a wool fabric can take up so much space, so this is a huge win for you! Happy sewing.

  8. Such a cheery color and a great alternative to the nothing but BLACK we find in RTW coats! I have that pattern and am a newbie at making coats but not at sewing. Hopefully with care I can still do a credible job on it. Thanks for the details in your post.

  9. Gorgeous! The colour was SO beautiful it just stopped me in my tracks :) The shape, the fit, the piping which nicely emphasizes the soft lines is all so lovely. I'm determined to make a couple of coats this year :)

  10. Very pretty coat and the lining and piping details are gorgeous.

  11. Beautiful coat with lovely fabrics and details!!

  12. Thanks, all of you! I appreciate your kind words! If you've never made a coat, just do it! It is fun and gratifying! You will wear it with pride! :) Happy sewing everyone!