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Sunday, March 26, 2017

More running gear!

I had so much fun making my Cora Tights and Dolman Top (both by Jalie) that when their new patterns came out so very recently, I had to try both of these.  Aren't they just cute and flattering looking?

The top is the Pika.  It is described as a modest tank with a built in bra.  The inside looks as good as the outside when you're finished and I am sorry, but I didn't get a photo of that.

Jalie 3679 - PIKA Layered tank

The pants are the Isabelle.  I love the styling, how the back wraps around to the front.  That color-band option is super cute as well!  I made capri length and had fun with my fabric choices.

Jalie 3674 - ISABELLE Capri leggings

The pants went together super easy.  There is even a little pocket in the front right where that little bit of the super colorful front waist is.


Look at this colorful fabric I choose!  The print is from my stash so is the pink.  The dark navy is new from Fabric Mart.

In fact, I believe that all my fabrics were once from FM.

The bra portion of the tank snugs right up to your body.  The blue is much looser and I had so much fun playing with which fabrics would go where.

I didn't use the hem band for the bottom of the tank.  It gathers and has a blouson type effect.  I didn't like that look in the 80s and I don't think it works for me now.

You can see a bit of my sports bra under the tank.  I went for a run very shortly after these photos and I always need extra support.

See how cute the band is in the back?  I topstitched those seams just because I wanted to. 

I really love how this tank went together.  The hubby caught me trying to make sure everything was in the position it should be.

These two patterns are winners!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great job with both top and bottoms!

  2. I love both pieces sue! The color combinations that you chose are amazing.

  3. Great colour combo! They look terrific.