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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sadie Tunic and Vanessa pants

Like most sewers, I have some favorite pattern companies that I tend to try and sew everything that the design and disseminate into the sewing world.  I am sure you can guess my favorite companies! That's right my all time fav is StyleArc and even though I don't sew a lot from Jalie, they are quickly becoming my all time 2nd favorite!  So here is your warning--be prepared to see many more Jalie reviews!

For today's post, I combined the Sadie Tunic and the Veronica pant.  The Sadie is from SA and of course the Vanessa is a new Jalie pattern.  Here they are if you are unfamiliar with them:

Twist sleeve tunic top with fashionable hemline

The sleeves are what drew me to this pattern.  This is the year of the sleeve--or so it seems and I couldn't resist this tunic with a funky sleeve detail.

Jalie 3676 - VANESSA - Fluid Pants in Tencel Lyocell

I love the casual vibe of these pants!  Now I need to find some lightweight denim to make these again!

This is a freaky amount of blue so I won't wear these together but I do love them separately.

For the tunic, I made my usual alterations: FBA, swayback, sloping shoulders.

I also eliminated the back loop closure as the pattern suggests to try the tunic on and if it fits comfortably over your head then maybe eliminate the button.  It fit great--even over all the curls I have!

The construction of this top is simple and straight forward.  It took a few minutes to figure out the geometry of the sleeves, but if you just remember that when you cut out your sleeves, you are going to twist the fabric and you'll see the wrong side of your fabric on the back of the sleeve.  Does that make any sense what-so-ever?

I should also mention that I used the designer linen from Fabric Mart for this post.  It is really lovely stuff!  It calls for dry-cleaning but I washed and dried mine.  It behaved beautifully.

Let's not forget about the pants!  These are super comfortable!

I love the wide elastic waistband!  So comfortable and it doesn't roll or shift around.
The optional elastic at the ankles is pretty cute as well.  Sorry I didn't get a photo of how the fit in the back.  DH was getting a bit impatient with photos.  It was his bowling night after all and he needed to get going.  :)  Just a reminder, I am 5'7" with long legs and I didn't alter the length at all.  Keep that in mind!

I appreciate you reading about my sewing adventures and love hearing your comments!
Happy sewing!


  1. Cute and a wonderful combination of pattern and fabric.

  2. so cute! I think the sleeves would make me nuts, but they look nice on you! Very spring :-)

  3. Beautiful fabric! I love linen :) and combining these 2 patterns into one outfit was a great idea! Gorgeous.

  4. Hi there Sue,
    Two gorgeous garments, beautifully sewn as always! I have the top cut out in fish printed linen to sew next weekend.
    I do have a question - what methods do you use for your forward shoulder and swayback adjustments? I think it's well past time that I started doing these routinely, and wondered if you had any favourites. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options in my fitting books!
    Thanks, Lara