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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Butterick 6425

There are so many things I don't need in my life--one is more patterns and the other is more fabric.  But, since I am unwilling to give either up, I keep buying more!  This c-c-cute little pattern is a fairly recent purchase and I have been waiting for the right fabric to make a cold-shoulder top.

Image result for images butterick 6425

This is a super simple pattern.  There are only a few steps (less than 10 total) and you have a top!
I made view A with the shorter sleeves of D and B since I had limited yardage.

I made my usual swayback adjustment, FBA, and sloping shoulder adjustment.  My fabric was super stretchy and I made a larger than normal swayback, but it wasn't quite enough and if I don't have this pulled down, I have some minor wrinkles.  Win some, loose some, right?  It still fits way better than anything RTW, and I really like it so I will wear it with pride!

My fabric is from a manufacturer called Stof.  The content is 94% cotton and 6% Lycra.  It is amazingly soft and the colors are very vibrant!  The pattern is off-grain a bit which is a disappointment, but like I said earlier, win some, loose some!

I really do like this top.  I have very few cold-shoulder tops so I am glad to add this to my closet.

I also added a neckband as I don't mind folding a 1/4" hems and stitching with a top stitch, but the neckband just bugs me.  Your top will be lower than mine by about 1/2".  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love your top! I only have one cold-shoulder top that is RTW but I save it for "good" I love it so much and it was rather expensive :) This is a nice pattern and Stof makes gorgeous fabrics so I have no doubt this is even nicer to behold in person.

  2. Really lovely. That is great fabric. You really use your patterns and fabric so don't think too much about it. :)