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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A new dress!

So, I've seen so many cute versions of this dress, mainly View C, the one the model is wearing.  

Image result for New Look 6000

However, being different, wanted to make E, or what I call my all-occasion dress.  

You know what I mean, right?  A dress you can pull out when you need something more than casual, but less than black-tie or formal, that just-right dress?  


So, I decided on view E.  And, I am totally in love!  I must make View C or B because of that adorable collar and side tucks!  


I chose a stretch designer suiting I picked up from one of Fabric Mart's amazing sales.  I know that gray can be rather boring, but I knew that with a classic dress that you can wear just about anywhere (yes, funerals, weddings, job interviews, etc.,) it couldn't be red and I didn't necessarily want black. My other go-to color is gray and so now I own another gray article of clothing.  Maybe I need to branch out a bit?  Maybe winter has been too long in the tundra?  


Fitting this dress required help from DD2.  I cut the dress out using flat-pattern measurements and allowing for some ease.  In some areas, I cut my usual 14, some in between a 14 and 16 and some a 12.  Don't you love multi-sized patterns for that reason?  

After cutting it out, I pinned it on me and DD2 and I went though some repins until we got a much better fit.  In all honesty, if you used a ponte with some stretch and used your regular size or went down a size, it would probably fit great--that is unless you have some fitting challenges like I do.  


The biggest issue with this dress was the swayback adjustment.  I still don't think it is perfect or even close by any means but I do need to move and be able to sit down without feeling like a sausage stuffed into a too small casing.  


Not only did I make a bit more than usual swayback adjustment to the pattern tissue, but I also ended up pulling up the upper back to try and reduce the amount of puddling in the small of the back.  I know I need a much less flat booty, and I am working on that but the amount I pulled on the fabric was sort of astounding to me--more than an inch, not including the swayback adjustment!  Beware!  


I decided to line this dress and picked up the funky printed stretch poly blend at JoAnns.  I certainly hope this holds up!  And, more importantly, why didn't I order something to line the dress with when I ordered the fabric?  


I do think I have some additional fitting issues to work out--bust and darts, but all in all, I have a very wearable dress.  It  is comfortable and can be worn with different jewelry and accessories.  I do really love the sleeves.

And, would you look at that zipper? 


Thanks for reading and yes, I will be making this again!


  1. Beautiful dress, I love gray, it's a perfect model!

  2. I have often admired this pattern but haven't bought it yet. Such a classic style. The grey is a great neutral and this dress will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Awesome job on the invisible zip insertion.

  3. This is SO cute on you! Love the lining and really love your necklace as well!

  4. Such a great dress, so versitile and it looks fab on. Awesome zip!