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Friday, July 8, 2016

Shopping trip treasure

Every summer, my two besties and I take a shopping road trip.

This summer, we went to Minneapolis which is truly one of the best shopping experiences with the variety and abundance of stores.  I don't purchase many clothing pieces when we shop, but I am always on the lookout for something interesting, either for my home, gifts, you get the drift, right?

 Michelle Hanson's photo.

And here we are on a boat we rented for the day to tour beautiful lake Minnetonka.  I haven't driven a boat since I was a teenager but I even docked it safely!  

We stopped at a new to me store called Hunt and Gather.  The store is a visual overload.  It is FILLED, I mean FILLED with wacky things.  Some are antiques, some things seem newer, some things maybe belong in a dumpster (I hate to be judgmental, but hey, this is my opinion!).  Anyhoo, I wanted to share a picture of this antique white dress/slip I found that I plan on re-purposing.  I just need some ideas people!

This dress appears to be handmade.

Although, the one thing that keeps throwing me is the stamped logo on the front.  I can only assume that a thrifty gal used what appears to be some very nice cotton fabric to make a needed piece of clothing for her closet.  The stamp says "Dittes Bros".  I googled that logo and found no information on the company.

So back to my original idea, yes, the fabric is worn, however there are some parts of it I'd like to reuse in a garment such as the logo, the lace, some pieces of the fabric that are not too worn.

 I just need some ideas on a fun and unique garment to highlight what I have.

I have a few things to send to the person with what I determine to be the best idea!

Thanks for playing all!


  1. Such fun! and love the slip. IF it were mine I think I'd put it on my dressform and leave it there, a neat touch for the sewing room. Wonderful find.

  2. Oh I love the lacy and pin tucked frilled edges and would use them to make a light strappy top that has the lace on the bottom, bit like a swing top. I love the little logo. Recently, I left a little print on a dress I made with a batik fabric I bought years ago and I really love it there.

  3. How about a floaty top like New Look 6434? Perhaps you could use the lacy bits for the sleeves. Interesting project. I haven't done any repurposing type projects. This one seems to have possibilities. Good luck.

    1. Bernice, I love your idea best! Will you please send me your shipping address? I have a few little fun somethings to send you! My email: parrott@sio.midco.net