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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ottobre design New Boheme Jersey Tunic

So I received my first Ottobre Woman recently and fell in love with this awesome tunic.  Isn't it darling?  I love the lines and of course the pockets!  Everything about it is just perfect.  I HAD to make one of my own.

If you've never seen an Ottobre, picture a Burda sewing magazine's pattern directions and you'll know what you are in for.  The pattern pieces are all together on several glossy sheets of paper and color and number coded so you can locate them.  As I traced the pieces off I needed, it really wasn't that bad.  You do need to add seam allowances which is pretty darn easy.

his is a loose-fitting top.  The sleeves are about 3/4 length and the overall length of the tunic is perfect as it covers my bum and upper thigh area!  I didn't even have to lengthen this top at all, which is a bonus for my 5'7".  If you are shorter, you may want to check the length before cutting as you may have some extra length to deal with.

This top went together intuitively and easily.  All the markings lined up well and the instructions were more than adequate, although sparse.

South Dakota is known for the wind and it was windy today!

What I altered was the width of this top!  It was huge!  I took an additional 5/8" at each allowance and that helped tremendously with the fit.  What that ended up doing however was narrow the neckline quite a bit as well and thank goodness it did as I barely had enough to make a neck binding as it was!  I had to piece to strips together just to get the right width needed.

I do love this animal print I used from Fabric Mart.  It was lovely to sew with!

I wore this top today to church and received so many compliments!  I will be making more of these, especially in some heftier knits for the upcoming winter.

Thanks for reading!  Try Ottobre if you haven't!



  1. What a cute tunic pattern. This looks great on you Sue.

  2. Cute tunic! I need to subscribe to this pattern magazine. I can't seem to find a source to buy it online.

    1. Hi Linda, I'll see if I can find a link and send it to you. 😄

  3. Super cute, Sue! I love your necklace with it too!

    1. A fun tunic. Looks like a great pattern.

    2. Thanks Beverly! It is a great and simple pattern!