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Sunday, October 5, 2014

My first ever Marfy!

Have you challenged yourself by purchasing a Marfy pattern?  Do you know what a Marfy pattern is? Here is a description found on the Marfy Website:

Marfy clothing patterns are 100% Made in Italy.  A staff of expert stylists and pattern designers bring all their creativity, professionalism and attention to detail to the development of each creation, producing a distinctive Italian style to every garment. All of our designs are perfected on a fabric model until they meet the highest standards of form and function, no matter whether a complicated flowing or form-fitting evening dress, or a clean-lined geometric coat. Each creation is a unique expression of sculpture in fabric. 
With the exception of the free multi-size sewing patters that come with the catalogue, all Marfy single-size paper patterns are cut by hand, piece by piece.  Our skilled artisans ensure absolute precision to guarantee that your pattern will be ready to pin to your fabric of choice, leaving you free to concentrate on the pleasure of sewing and saving you considerable time that would otherwise be spent tracing and cutting out your pattern.
So here was my first pattern I purchased: 
F3382, Marfy Blouse
I thought the sleeves were fun and unique and it looks simple, right?  
There are no technical drawings to refer to.  Your point of reference is the letters printed on the pattern tissue.  Those need to match up to get your garment to turn out like the drawing.  So....here was my frustration that I eventually figured out but I have no idea if this is what the designer intended.  See that large necklace covering the center fronts?  I'm unsure what that should look like when completed.  

You have to add your own seam and hem allowances before cutting out your garment or it will be too small!
This is my wearable muslin.  I really like my top and received many compliments when I wore it to work.  It's long enough to wear with leggings--meaning it covers everything you want to cover!  I really do love the sleeves.  on the pattern drawing, the sleeves look much more gathered at the top than mine do but I'l live with how the pattern is designed.  
The collar is cut in two pieces and sewn together so it has a center back seam.  If I make this again, I will change it to a one-piece collar.  

The back is shaped with Fish-eye darts and they do the trick!  I did make my usual 1/2" swayback adjustment.  I can't seem to get by without it!

Thanks for reading!  If you are up to a challenge, try a Marfy pattern.  Just balance the cost, wait time, and lack of technical drawing with the end result and see what you think!  

Sue :)  


  1. WOW ~ looks great! I have never tried a Marfy pattern, but you have now made me look twice at this shirt pattern. And I would agree with the collar being cut as one ~ wonder why they didn't do this ?!? ... J

    1. Thanks Judith! Next time I will cut that thing as one piece.

  2. yours turned out really pretty.. The blue looks nice on you. Happy sewing.

  3. Very cute shirt and very flattering on you.

  4. Such a lovely blouse!
    I have sewn just a few Marfy patterns and have been very pleased. I plan to sew more. You are inspiring me to try this pattern.