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Monday, October 20, 2014

McCall's 6531 Round 2

So here is my second Anorak jacket using McCall's 6531.  I LOVE this pattern!  It is so RTW!  Can I make it at least 10 more times without being weird?  I hope so!

Anyway, here is round 2....This is a loose-fitting, unlined jackets that have a mock front band, long sleeves with seam opening and button cuffs, concealed snaps and zipper closing.  A: Stitched hem.  B: pleated pocket and band.  C: Elastic waist and pockets with gussets, flaps, and button trim.  D: Topstitched belt, collar, waist.  A, hem B, C, D: Purchased cord and stoppers.

So, I made a modified view by using the length of C/D, the pockets from B, and the drawstring cord of A.  Since this was my second version, I didn't really need the instructions.  What I really love is how ready-to-wear this jacket looks and feels when completed.

This does run roomy, and my first time, I made an XS because I wanted a closer fit, more of a top or layering piece than a regular jacket.  This time was no exception except with the fabric I used this time and how it had more heft, I made closer to a small.

What did I add?  Metal snaps on the front faux band and jacket, cuffs, and sleeve tabs.  I found the cute little plastic dealies at the end of the cords at the neck and waist.  What are those dealies called?  They sure add a nice touch!  And, speaking of a nice touch, how freaking awesome is the red zipper and cording against the army green twill?  Gorgeous?  I think so!  I love those two colors together!
When I cut this out, I somehow cut something incorrectly and had to piece the front band together.  To make it look like a design detail instead of a mistake, I joined the pieces on the bias, topstitched and had the seam intersection placed 2/3 of the way up the jacket rather than dead center.

Another thing you might notice is that I evened up the hemline on the back so it was straighter, more like view A and B.

I love everything about this jacket.  We are experiencing some warmer than normal days, so I hope it cools down about five degrees so I can wear it to work!

Thanks always for reading.  What are you wanting to sew this fall?  Is the weather cooperating so you can actually wear it?

Sue :)  


  1. Those are called cordlocks. Your jacket looks great.

  2. Another great jacket! You rock this pattern! What kind of fabric did you use? I hope some of your warm weather comes our way....we're too cool and rainy here (typical) in N.E. OH.

    1. I saw on PatternReview, cotton twill. Love it.

    2. Thank you Carla! Yes, it is cotton twill I purchased from Hancock. It is very soft on one side. I love working with it!

  3. This is a lovely jacket and the contrasting red details really make it special. Great work.

  4. Swoon. I have to sew this for spring (whenever that arrives again in MN). I love it!

  5. That is such a great looking jacket!