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Sunday, August 3, 2014

July Recap!

I like how fellow bloggers recap their month by listing their creations.  I have decided to do this because 1) I can look over what I accomplished and 2)  I can make some plans for my purchases and such.  So here is my first ever sewing recap!

July was a busy month!  We traveled a lot on weekends which was all fun and great but it seriously cut into my sewing time!  Am I a selfish seamstress or what?  We really don't travel all that much in the winter so I should be happy to travel--I am but sometimes the traveling gets all bunched together instead of spread out.

So before I begin, I did clear out 4 pieces from my stash.  Ever have those thoughts of what the heck was I thinking when I bought this?  What am I going to do with it now?  I am giving myself permission to give it away!  So liberating and I have to make room because although I found some fabric pieces to purge, I ended up buying a total of 14.5 yards last week from Marcy Tilton and Fabric.com.  As DH said, "Well, that should keep you busy for a while!"  Indeed.

So back to what I accomplished.  July was fairly productive.  I started out with making this lovely dress I had hoped to wear to a wedding.  I am actually glad I didn't wear it as I danced my fool head off and this dress would have inhibited my dance moves!  Also, for some weird reason, I found droplets of blood stains around the hemline of the purchased dress I wore and it must have come from a few of the little ones (wedding party guests and relatives) I danced with!  I mean I wasn't bleeding from anywhere and my son, whom was the best man, also had some blood on his tux at about the same level and the exact height of those little people.

Vintage Butterick reissue 1951.  You can read the full review here:
Butterick 1951

I just LOVE this dress and hope I have a special occasion I can wear it to soon!  Maybe open house for school?  Yeah, I know it is pretty dressy, but open house is pretty special as well.  :)

Next project--oh yeah, the hot pink pants from the super nasty fabric I purchased from JoAnns.  I really like these but the fabric just sucked!  I've actually worn these several times and despite the fabric, they are pretty cute.

New Look pants

Oh yeah, a repeat from Named Clothing.  I just love this beautiful fabric from Emma One Sock.  It was just dreamy to work with.  I love how this top goes so well with my coral jeans I made in June.  

My first ever maxi dress and I swear, it is just like wearing pajamas all day!  Love the comfort and I think my fabric is just so pretty!  This was a sale purchase from Fabric Mart.  It was just so wonderful to work with.  I am usually really happy with knits I purchase online.  

July also had me trying some of the PDFs I had purchased but neglected to put together.  These patterns from Lekala are just awesome!  


Here's another Lekala pattern that was just so much fun to stitch!  It was very challenging coming up with a way to finish the edges.  Looking back, I probably could have used a rolled edge in a contrasting/complimenting thread.  I hope I remember that idea for next time!

Grainline Archer--I also f-i-n-a-l-l-y  made my first Archer.  What took me so darn long?  I have others planned in the near future. 
The Archer

Of course I made a pair of jeans but these just aren't my favorites.  I love the color and the fit is just okay.  I am sure I will wear them but the jeans I made earlier this summer are definitely better and more wearable. Here is the review if you are interested.  Ok jeans

So this top was an ordinary Butterick pattern.  I do have to say that although I wasn't thrilled with it at first, I have worn it and gotten compliments on it!  Yahoo!
 Butterick Stash Buster

Lastly, I discovered the Lady Skater that I had printed off long ago.  What was I waiting for?  I love these dresses!  Many more are in my future! Lady Skater

I had a few more projects in mind but just ran out of time.  I attended a family reunion this past weekend with my mom and enjoyed it greatly!

I hope your July was enjoyable and you had some great makes!



  1. Love wrap ups!!

    You had some great projects turnout this month!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Smith! I can't believe I accomplished so much!

  2. An impressive month. Great items.

  3. I am so impressed with your July makes.. You really accomplished a lot of pretty garments .. Look great on you too.. Happy sewing for August.

    1. Thanks Judy! I appreciate your kind remarks!