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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August/September plans

So, one of my New Year's Resolutions (sewing) was to reduce my stash.  Didn't happen.  In fact, last week I received 14.5 yards of fabric from two locations: Marcy Tilton and Fabrics.com.  A week or so prior to that, I also ordered from Mood and EOS.  I feel like I am swimming in fabric right now!  So, what's a girl to do but go through her pattern stash and make some plans.
With that said, I often change my mind....that's my prerogative, right?  Sometimes I even get a pattern pinned down and am just about to make a cut and realize this could be a big mistake so I unpin and start over.  I really think I am going to drive myself to stab my dress-form with a big, sharp, pair of Gingers.  I don't think I'll feel bad about it at all, not in the slightest.

So I took some photos of my more recent fabric purchases and with some possible patterns.  If you have a better idea for a piece of fabric, please let me know!  I'd love to hear your comments.  Also, I must say that some of my pics aren't the best quality--I am still learning to use my new camera and all the settings it has!

So here are a few choices I made based on some patterns I have either recently used and decided I must have more or patterns I purchased and haven't touched yet.  Amiright in that we all have a stack of these?

First up are my pants fabrics.  The dark denim and the two fabrics on the right are from EOS.  I just love Emma One Sock!  Her fabrics are topnotch and sew up so beautifully!  The obviously heavier denim that is second from the left if from Mood.  It is a Theory denim and has a beautiful weight.  I am thinking I will use my TNT pant pattern from Vogue for these.  Why mess with a fit you love, right?

I had to have a chambray shirt and when I found this Robert Kaufman Chambray on Fabrics.com I knew the Archer was the perfect pattern for it!  I even started it today!  Can't wait for it to be stitched as this is such a classic fabric with an equally matched classic shirt pattern.  Yay!

Next up are three pretty fabrics.  The two book ends are from Marcy Tilton and the green fabric is from Fabrics.com.  I've had this sewing book from Colette forever and really like the cute little dress on the front.  Not sure which fabric I will make into this adorable dress but I think it would be darling in any of these........oh WAIT!!!  I cut the tangerine colored one today for another Archer!  See how fast I change my mind on these things?

Ok, so this beefy fleece from fabrics.com washed up so beautifully and I originally thought it might be a nice casual dress but it is so heavy it must be a jacket.  I really like this one from Jalie with the cute hood option.

So back to EOS and this lucious grey sweater knit and this Jalie Cocoon cardigan.  Isn't it just cute?  This pattern called for two way stretch, not four way so this knit will be the perfect choice.  Plus, the knit is fairly light weight which will be perfect for cooler fall days with a sleeveless top and a great layering piece with something heavier this winter.

I've had the Victory Ava dress cut out and ready for ever and with this pretty woven from Fabric Mart and a stash fabric, I think it will be cute!

This Rosie top was a free pattern when you ordered from Style Arc last winter.  I think the lines on this top are really cute and the reviews of it on SPR are pretty good.  I've had this fabric in my stash for a very long time and think the colors will work well for fall.  

Yep, another Lady Skater in a fabric that is left over from a Lekala top.  The print is rather big but I like all the purples and plum colors.  Plus this dress is a winner!

 This pretty knit is left over from a Lady Skater and the photo doesn't do it justice!  I am not sure I'll use this pattern, but it is one I'd love to try in a sleeveless version.

Ok, another sweater knit and two choices!  The left is a Jalie pattern that has dropped pockets and it a cardigan and the right is my first big 4 cardigan from McCalls.  This cardigan from McCall's resembles an uber popular cardi from McCalls that light up SPR with hugely favorable reviews!  I'd like to try this one as well since it has similar styling and is darn cute!

Last but not least is a vintage fabric from a local antique store.  I have purchased numerous fabrics from them and have been very pleased!  I found this Jalie pattern in my stash fro an easy fit, elastic waist pant.  I figure if I don't like the pants, they will make way more stylish pajamas than the current old gym shorts I currently wear!

This is a pretty ambitious list for late summer/early fall, especially since I return to work full-time next week!  I will do my best!  Any comments/suggestions are always appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That fabric stash.. I think we all have it.. But oh how fun.. I love all your fabrics.Such great choices.. Cant wait to see some of these makes.. Have fun and happy sewing.
    Proud I found your blog.. Have enjoyed looking at it.

  2. Looks like you are going to be very busy Sue. It's always good to have a plan to follow and you can always make changes along the way if you want to.

    1. That's true Margy! I always kick myself when I change my plan often, but I should view this more as this is okay!