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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Sunday Stash buster: Style Arc Rosie Top

So this time around I found a stash buster of both a pattern and fabric that has been lurking for quite some time in my stashes.  The pattern was a freebie from Style Arc and the fabric was from a time when JoAnn and I were still on speaking terms.


Here's a description of the pattern: This is a great to for all occasions.  The slight cap sleeve is very flattering and the back inverted pleat gives this top a point of difference.

Recommended fabrics are Crepe, washed silk and cotton.  Any woven with some body and drape.

Honestly, I am not sure what size I ordered I've had this so long and if it is clearly marked somewhere, I can't find it.

So all you need is a button, some interfacing and about a yard and a half of fabric.

Construction was fairly easy as there are only 12 steps!  Not bad.  There aren't many illustrations but this is such an easy pattern you don't need many.  If you have some sewing experience, you'll do fine with this pattern.  If you are inexperienced, you may want to look at a similar pattern if you are a visual learner.

So, I didn't really make any adjustments to either the pattern or the fabric.  Have I mentioned how much I detest any sort of slippery fabric?  I was trying to enjoy sewing with it there for a while, but not sure I will ever fully master working with fabric that slips, slides, shimmies, and swaggers across my sewing machine.  I used extra pins, my walking foot and some prayers to get it to behave properly and while it's okay, it isn't anything I am particularly proud of. Know what I mean?  Ever make anything like that?

To be fair, I would like to try this is a cotton type fabric just to see how it turns out with crisp lines.  It does have some fun design lines.  I do like the peplum and the center back pleat.  Also the center back opening with the loop and button as another level of cuteness, although that is completely optional as the top will slip on and off over your head--provided you remove your glasses first!  Just ask me how I know.....

All in all, it's okay.  I'll hold final judgement until I make another in a fabric I like to sew with better than this slippery crap.  I also wonder if I should take it in somewhat below the armpits to the hemline.  It's a little roomier than I'd like.  I also think I will lengthen it an inch or two.

Thanks for reading.  Do you have a fabric you hate sewing with and avoid at all costs?  Tell me about it, I'd love to know I am not the only one!



  1. Love your top.. That pattern is really cute..
    I too, hate to sew slippery fabrics..

  2. I am with you! slippery stuff. I put a zip in a slippery top! :) This is a lovely pattern and the fabric is beautiful.

    1. oh my, zip in a slippery fabric you have my sympathies!
      Another sewing buddy suggested 'Perfect Sew' that stabilizes slippery stuff. I am going to give it a try.
      Sue :)