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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lekala Top! Blouson 4284 X 2!

This is my first Lekala pattern and it won't be my last.  I had a lot of fun making this top that I am super happy with and really like!

So here is a little bit about the company.  It is based out of Russia and what is super cool is you pick your pattern, send them your measurements and you get a customized pattern as a PDF.  How awesome is that? I paid and extra 50 cents for the addition of seam allowances and feel like that was well worth the extra charge.  I told DH what I had done and he made a comment about overseas merchants and credit cards and since I used my paypal account, he was immediately relieved.

There are four pattern pieces to this top.  Isn't the line drawing cute?  I love tops with details in the back, it is unexpected and just makes sewing it up super fun!

If you don't speak Russian, it is okay.  The patterns and directions can be translated.  Although with that being said, as I read through the instructions I had some difficulty deciphering them.  Maybe the translation is a little off?  Not sure, but with such a simple top, it is pretty intuitive in how to put it together.  If you are a beginner, if you can find a similar top's instructions, I am sure you could use those and it will work out just fine.

So for my tops, I changed things up a bit.  The first one I made is the lightweight print that I pulled from my stash.  The directions simply have you 'serge, turn inside and topstitch the neckline'.  I only did that in one place and that was the main body of the back that has only a slight bit you can see when you are wearing the top.  I knew my fabric was thin and I didn't want a turned and stitched neckline or back yoke where the cute bow detail is so I did this:
1.  Cut two from and back yoke pieces
2.  With right sides together, stitch the neckline or in my case serge the edges.
3.  From the right side, press the seam
4.  Understitch the necklines, both front and back
5.  On the underside of the back yoke, stitch the seam with right sides together
6.  Repeat step 3 and 4
7.  Stitch the completed back yoke to the back top piece
Now you have beautiful finished edges on both the front and back necklines!  And, it didn't take hardly any extra time and it used up some of my scraps I had from cutting out the main fabric.  Bonus!  I am trying to not save scraps anymore.

I used my coverstitch on the hemlines.

At first I wasn't too excited about the darts as I really don't like darts in t-shirt fabric.  But in this case, they seem to work.  I also think I could make a swayback adjustment.

All in all, this went together fast, is easy and I really like it.  My only complaint is regarding my fabric choice.  Both are very light weight and see through so I am wearing a cami underneath.  I should have chosen better!

For top 2, both fabrics are from my stash.  The main fabric is more of a ponte and the lace is a knit as well. DH likes the printed top better but I like them both.

I do highly recommend this top.  It's a little different and if you don't mind taping together a PDF, you'll be ready to sew in a short time after receiving the pattern.  From start to finish, it took me about 2 hours to complete this top (this includes assembling the PDF!)

Although 2 is enough, I think I will make an additional top or two for fall/winter months.  It will be easy to lengthen the sleeves and as long as I remember to use a more substantial knit, it will be plenty warm as well!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've yet to use a Lekala pattern - although I have downloaded a couple. These tops look so good - lovely fit, shape and style.

  2. These are really cute tops and the fit looks very good. You must need quite a few new tops to match all those pants you have been turning out.

    1. Thanks Margy! Actually, I have focused so much on pants that I do need some tops to wear with them!

  3. That's great, mom! Love them both.

  4. noooooooo! I printed this ages ago and haven't made it! I want it!!!!! :-D

    Gorgeous! Especially the lace!

  5. Your tee-shirts are gorgeous. You did a fabulous job! TFS!

    1. Thanks Annette! I appreciate your kind words!