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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ottobre outfit!

How adorable, huh?  This is my latest creation for my soon to be born grandson.  This is my first attempt at an Ottobre pattern and it won't be my last!  So stylish for a little baby, especially a boy!  The magazine is full of adorable clothing for both girls and boys.  I am hooked! 

Here is the description from the magazine:
When the baby really starts moving around after taking his first steps, his clothes should be comfortable and allow for ease of movement.  Soft stretch knits serve the purpose best.  The baby t-shirt is detailed with a small applique on the front and poplin patches on the elbows.  There is also a small pocket on the sleeve. 
While the legs of the baby jeans are narrow, the hip and crotch area are roomy enough to fit over a diaper.  They have a short zipper fly on the front and a button on the waistband.  The back waist is elasticated. 

Pattern Sizing:
62 to 92 cm in length.  I cut the smallest size, a 62.  I held it up to a zero to three month RTW onesie and it is comparable in size.  What I forgot to do, which I will never forget again, is to check if I needed to add seam allowances.  Well, I did need to add them and didn't.  This outfit is super small.  I hope my little grandson gets to wear it at least once. 

Fabric used:
For the shirt, I used a poly/cotton/lycra super soft knit from my stash.  The patches are from 100% cotton from a local quilt shop and the purple is ribbing from my stash.  The embroidery on the front is one from my software.  The shirt is so little I resized it down about 30%.  Glad it looks okay. 
For the jeans, I used some heavier denim remnant from my stash.  The denim has some stretch to it.

Did it look like the drawing?
Yes, given a very few minor modifications I made. 

Here's what I liked/disliked about the pattern:
1.  Super cute styling.  When is the last time you had an actual zipper fly on a newborn's pair of jeans?  I love the patches on the elbows and the little tiny pocket. 
2.  Easy, logical construction steps that make this remarkably easy to sew. 
3.  Did I mention how cute the entire outfit is?
4.  Excellent written instructions.   
5.  I love how the pattern pieces are in different colors and clearly labeled.  If you have sewn with Burda sewing magazine you will know what I mean about pieces being somewhat difficult to trace with all the lines and the same color of ink to look at.  With these patterns, the different clothing items are marked and the directions tell you which page to look at and which color of pieces to trace.  Much easier for me to do! 
1.  Very few visuals are included in the pattern directions.   The visuals that are included are excellent such as for the fly. 
2.  No reminder at the start of the directions to add the seam allowances--my fault entirely, but a reminder would be nice. 

I just left the little flap on the pocket off.  If you could have seen how small the pieces were, you probably would have done the same thing.
I add that little bit of purple ribbing to the sleeves.  I like the additional pop of color. 
As I mentioned before, I added the embroidery but left off the applique. 
I decided the jeans needed rivets.  I had some and added them.  I found it much easier to use a leather punch to make a very small hole in the denim and insert the pointy part of the rivet through it before using the tool and hammer to pound it in. 

Yes...if you love sewing for children, these patterns seem well constructed and designed.  They are stylish and adorable.  I can't wait to try many more! 

Waiting for the arrival of the model is torture.  I will have to spend my free time making more clothing for him! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I did that the first time I used a old Burda pattern. I love Ottobre's patterns. I try to layout my seam allowance ruler when I'm tracing out the pattern as a reminder.

    1. That is a great idea BConky, I will have to lay out my ruler as well! Glad I'm not the only one whose done that!