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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Closet Case Kalle Dress

I've admired this pattern and all the cute makes for quite some time.  The style is classic and this is a blank canvas to go wild with creativity.  

This is the Kalle shirt and shirt dress pattern by Close Case Patterns.  

Image result for Images Kalle shirt dress

I would describe this as oversized shirt dress with collar options, lengths, closures, and hemline variations.  

My fabric was sticking to the back of my leggings for some reason!  

Fabric is from my stash.  I am still working on stash-busting.  

The drafting on this is exceptional along with the details.  Sometimes with a dress/shirt like this you can see everything you've got at the armscye when you lift your arm.  Not with this one!  The way the cuff is designed and cut minimizes and practically eliminates armscye gaposis.  Nice, right?

I see more of these in my future!
I hope spring has arrived in your area.  It finally arrived here!


  1. I wondered about that with this pattern, the armscye gaposis-good to know, thanks for addressing it!

  2. Love your Kalle! I tried to make up this pattern when it was first released but I felt I needed to do an FBA as I do on ALL patterns otherwise I would have been swimming in fabric at the waist and hip but my attempt to apply darts were unsuccessful (I've since learned why!) so my practice blouse turned out so far from anything I would wear in a million years :) I decided not to go forward and make it again in a $ fabric. I tossed the whole works! Now of course I'm sorry I was so hasty :) Yours is lovely! I really love that black & white print!

  3. Kathleen, you are so positive! Try this pattern again! I too was worried about an FBA but realized I didn't need one.