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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Simplicity 8614

How adorable is this pattern?  

Image result for images Simplicity 8614

That bow!  Those ruffles!  I immediately fell in love.  

I knew this would be adorbs on Elaina.  I had some leftover rayon fabric from I dress I made for me, and thought it was just enough for this little jumpsuit/romper.

It is really difficult to get a clear photograph of a busy little girl.  So bear with me.  

First thing you'll notice is that I left that big bow off the back.  I knew it would bug her.  And, I didn't have enough fabric for it.  It is still super cute.  Just a note on this outfit...there is no snap closure at the legs.  That means, yes, you do have to take the ENTIRE garment off to change a diaper.  WHAT???

How I wish I would have realized that prior to cutting this out as I would have immediately corrected that.  Plus, and this is minor, Simplicity baby patterns use a lot of zippers at the center back.  On a previous dress I made for Elaina, I redrafted the pattern so I could have snap/button openings at the front.  Has Simplicity not heard of the back to sleep campaign?  I used an invisible zipper as I think they are softer and more flexible, thus softer on your skin...should you need a nap.  Sleeping on a zipper or buttons doesn't sound very restful to me, just sayin!  

The bias tape at the neckline is vintage and from my stash--how else do you get vintage notions, right?  I will say that several years ago I was at an antique shop and found a treasure trove of rick-racks, bias tapes and assorted trims.  I have so enjoyed using them all!  Plus, this one was a perfect match.  

Any time I pulled out my phone to take photos, Elaina looked skeptical but also very cute.  If I ever make this pattern again I will put in snaps at the inseam to allow for easier diaper changes.  And, as cute as that bow is, unless it is for a formal event (wedding, etc.) I will leave it off.  

Elaina looks darling, as I knew she would!  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Perfect bias binding! Sweet grand baby in grandma sewn clothes!

  2. So Precious! Love this fabric you chose for her.