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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What is happening to my mojo and some new pattern arrivals!

I was looking at my number of posts from previous years and noticed I am woefully behind the last few years where I ended up having around 90 per year.  This year, to date, I have about 55.  There is no flipping way I can make up 40 posts prior to the start of 2017.

So, being the reflecter (over-analyzer) I am, I attempted to pick apart why....

I've been trying to complete more projects for people other than ME.  Tough to do when you are a rabid seamstress, but probably needed as I don't remember very much about the joy of completing some of the garments I pull out of my closet--that may be the signal that I have a problem???

Anyway, I ordered a few patterns to try and spur me on for the remainder of fall and beginning of winter.  I think I made some wise choices.  Here is a photo:

So of course I had to order three StyleArc patterns.  One is the Nell Cape--which I am super excited to make.  The Pleated Pia top is happily made from a knit and the Harlow top is so on-trend.  All three of these will be on my sewing table soon!

I also order the Morgan boyfriend jeans from Closet Case Files--I have NEVER used one of her patterns but I loved the styling of these so much and they are a button fly--something I haven't tried yet but am inspired to do so!

Next is that uber cute Delia top from Angela Wolf.  Dang, another adorable top with those awesome exposed shoulders/arms.  I have been doing extra push-ups in preparation to wear this!

Lastly, I purchased a pattern from Deer and Doe. It is the Aubergine dress and it has the cutest horizontal pleats across the bodice.  I've never used a Deer and Doe pattern and also excited to create this one as well.

So, just wondering what you do when you feel like you've lost your sewing momentum?  Do you order new patterns?  Clean your sewing room?  Stop for awhile?  Please, do tell!

Thanks always for your comments and reading!


  1. Well, you have some wonderful patterns for inspiration. When I have no mojo, I tend to watch lots of TV! LOL.

  2. FUN!!!! New patterns (or fabric) are surefire ways to jumpstart the mojo! Great picks there.

  3. Looking forward to seeing these made up ! I clean my sewing room when the mojo is missing . I usually find a project or two or three that I've forgotten . Also sewing for others helps me get back in the mode of garments for me - not sure why but it works for me 😍

  4. Sue, you have some great patterns selected, and I hope you will enjoy seeing some lovely garments from them.
    When I am in a sewing slump, I do clean my sewing room very thoroughly. Just being more organized and reducing the clutter helps to clear my brain, I guess. I look through my patterns and fabrics, and remember projects I had in mind that fell by the wayside. I tend to get new ideas, then, and some renewed enthusiasm. I try to make something in a pattern I have already made successfully rather than try a new pattern. This way I am more likely to be successful with new fabric / new ideas...and then I am off and running with my mojo back. Anyway, that seems to work for me.
    Good luck and have fun!!