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Monday, July 6, 2015

Jalie Dolman, take 2...

Remember my disaster with the crappy-ass fabric from Joann's on my Jalie Dolman top?  If you need a reminder, here it is....I really like the look of the fabric just not the function of how it performed, especially after wearing it only a few hours...it literally started falling apart all over the place despite careful sewing!!!  Argh....but I digress...sorry about that!

Well, I HAD. TO. MAKE. ANOTHER. ONE because the pattern is so amazingly awesome!!!

So, I found two fabrics from my stash, combined them and well, here is what you get:

 Aren't my flowers pretty?  This is the first year the Astible's have done so well and I just love them!  Perfect for the shady part of my side yard where I tend to take quite a few of my photos.

Maybe combining fabrics isn't for you, but I didn't have enough of the print or the stripes, and by themselves those stripes may have caused someone to have a seizure....

The print is from a top that I never liked the fit of and didn't want to take apart and rework. 
How on earth did I think this top fit when I was done with it?  

In a moment of utmost clarity, I simply cut the shirt apart at the seam lines and had a few pieces I thought might work for the total front of this Jalie Dolman top, but....sometimes I am so spatially impaired I can't visualize if a piece of cut fabric is enough, or not...

 Obviously I didn't have a piece big enough to fit the entire front or back so I did the next best idea I had and that was to play around with placement of the print against the bold black/white stripe.  And with so many summer top patterns that focus on the back, I decided to go with that idea...

See what I mean about possibly causing a seizure or migraine?  Not that I don't like stripes, I've made many striped garments but when you talk about black/white stripe it just seems sort of harsh, at least to me anyway and I wanted to do something to break it up.  I also used the print at the neckline and I love how it looks with the stripe.  

The stripe is a ponte from my stash from a disastrous Burda Style magazine top that I hated so much I wondered if it was fair to put in the Goodwill bag.  :)

I do hope someone else will love it, or cut it up to use for a dog/car-washing towel.  (hehe...)

This time I had enough fabric to make the back as long as it is supposed to be and my cover stitch worked beautifully on that hemline!  I start to smile when I think about using that once-thought-of- beast in my sewing room!  

This top is a winner for me and I've already worn it today and felt comfortable and stylish!  That's okay to say about your own makes, right?  

You'll see more versions of this top down the road!!!
Thanks for reading and have you remade any garments that you disliked into a love? 
If so, please share!

Sue :)  


  1. Those prints work nicely together. Yes, easy on the eyes!

  2. Love this!!! Had to link over from PatternReview to see the back again!!

  3. I love your new top, great use of the fabrics.

  4. I love the pattern mixing - very on trend! the fit is perfect - I may just have to give this pattern a try I'm looking for some grab and go tops as I like to call them.

    1. Joen, then this is the pattern for you! Have fun sewing it up!