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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another StyleArc Jacket, but this time it is the Sienna!

StyleArc, please stop tempting me with all your dang cute patterns!  Especially the jackets, skirts, tops, pants, oh wait...that's all their patterns!  I just drool when I see them made up!

A fellow reviewer at SPR made this in white and I decided right then and there to order the pattern...even though I had to get it from Australia!

Just look at those design lines!

I love the softness around the neckline that cascades down the front. 

Here is a description from the pattern: Beautifully seamed at the back, this is an unstructured jacket that has a flowing open cut front falling from the back collar stand.  

The shaped hem bands and two piece sleeves give this jacket a tailored feel but it is simple enough to make in an afternoon.

This pattern is rated by StyleArc as medium to challenging.

I used a mini-plaid rayon stretch suiting from Fabric Mart.  The fabric is really awesome to work with and the stretch makes it comfortable and drapey!  Pretty much perfect for this type of jacket.

Sizing for this is typical StyleArc.  I always use a 12 with zero alterations to the body of the garment and this pattern was no exception.  My only alteration to the pattern at all was to shorten the sleeves by about an inch.  StyleArc sleeves always seem so long and I'm 5'7"!  

Everyone who's sewn a StyleArc knows the directions are basically a blueprint for construction steps. This pattern is no exception and there is one drawing that shows how the facing is turned out at the neckline and hemline.

There is an option to include the facing or not and I included it.  My fabric was perfect as it didn't deflect from the draping at all.  Also, it hides some of the seamlines you'd see if the facing wasn't there.

I am wondering about the sleeves with this pattern.  They seem to not hang as nicely as I'd like despite keeping all the notches lined up exactly.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Check out the sleeves and let me know what you think.

It was a little difficult getting the edge where the front and front band to match up perfectly and this may be due to the order of construction.  I am going to play with this for my second version to see if I can make this step easier and get better results.

Thanks for reading!  I really love my new jacket!  It is a perfect fall transitional piece or for a cool summer evening.

Sue :)


  1. Nice jacket. Thanks for your helpful review of the pattern.

  2. Very cute! I really like how you've styled the whole outfit. Great look!

  3. Yes, that sleeve looks a little wonky. Even though the shoulder seam is nicely centered, the plaid/grainline is definitely not straight, and it looks like there's too much fabric in the sleeve back. But so cute on you! and I love the lace dress--did you make that too?

    1. Thanks Wendy. Yes, I do think I need to cut and sew in new sleeves! Thanks for the feedback on that. I didn't make the lace dress, I purchased it at Dress Barn in Minnesota. It's cute but not all that well constructed, if you know what I mean!
      Happy Sewing!!!