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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vogue 1197

This is Vogue 1197, a top from Sandra Betzina. This top and pants is described as such: Semi-fitted, pullover tops A, B in two lengths have raglan sleeves, shirred with elastic and two cowl variations, optional contrast cordless piping.  Close fitting, 1" seam pull-on pants C with side slits and elastic waist.  All have stitched hems. 

The only notions you need for this top is stay tape, steam-a-seam, and elastic for the shirring. 

This pattern is designed for moderate stretch knits only and honestly, you couldn't make it in a woven if you wanted to.  Yep, it would fit over your head, but the body is more fitted than the envelope shows. 

This top is somewhat of a fabric hog.  Typcially a tunic wouldn't take that much fabric, but this one (View B) takes about 2.5 yards.  The hoggish part is the sleeves and the cowl.  Is hoggish a word? 

I used this beautiful mohair/cashmere sweater knit I purchased from Fabric Mart about a year ago.  I love it!  I purchased three yards at Four bucks a yard!  Can you believe it?  This beautiful top for less than $12!  I love how soft and warm it is. 

What can I say about this pattern?  It is fast, easy and just fits well!  Since I am rather full-chested, I cut a larger size in the bust area and the next size smaller through the waist and hips.  I also made my usual 1/2 inch sway back adjustment by taking a wedge out from the waist line area and tapering out to nothing at the side seam. 

There are many fitting tips from Sandra, and since I have used her patterns before, I really didn't read them. 

I made a few minor adjustments to the pattern as I sewed simply because it made it easier for me.  Here they are:
1.  After sewing the front sleeve to the back, I fused 1" wide strips of interfacing to the hemline to stabilize it so it didn't stretch when I hemmed it.  Since the wrist seems a little narrow, I completed that step prior to sewing anything else so it would lay flat. 
2.  I attached the stay-tape to the neckline prior to attaching the cowl.  After stitching on the cowl, I turned the seam so it faced the top and on the outside top stitched two rows of a stretch stitch to keep the seam from rolling and also to cover the stay-tape.  Sometimes stay tape is a little itchy.   This covered the tape beautifully and is in no way itchy. 
3.  Instead of using the steam-a-seam, I used 1" strip of interfacing on the hemline.  It stabilized it beautifully and kept it nice as I hemmed it. 

All in all, this is a great pattern.  If you have passed it over because of the pattern envelope, give it a go.  It fits well, lends itself to some fun variations based on fabric choice and is comfortable!  What more could you want?

Thanks for reading!